Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Maintenance Management

A guide to maintenance repair and replacement plans

Every maintenance department knows the importance of preventing asset failure. It’s how you stay productive, maximize uptime and prolong the life of your critical equipment.
Egle Segzdaite July 20,2022
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Maintenance Reporting

Maintenance, Production, & Finance: How to Improve Communication in 4 Simple Steps

The key to improving communication between departments is really quite simple: mutual understanding and alignment.
Jamie Borley July 13,2022
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

What is scheduled maintenance?

There are few things that matter more to asset management than the maintenance schedule. An effectively planned schedule is often the difference between unplanned downtime and...
Egle Segzdaite June 22,2022
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Work Orders

What is a work order? A beginner’s guide

When you’re responsible for overseeing operations at one or more manufacturing or heavy industrial facilities, you surely have a great deal on your plate.
Egle Segzdaite June 2,2022
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Assets & Equipment

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in the Manufacturing Industry

Modern and high-performing organizations demand customized and effective software to manage their business-critical assets. It is the assets that deliver true value, and those...
Jamie Borley March 29,2022
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Preventive Maintenance

Creating an Effective Maintenance Plan: What should you include?

Effective maintenance planning is essential to the overall maintenance environment. The maintenance plan's contents, which include the actual work, instructions, schedule,...
Egle Segzdaite February 8,2022
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Preventive Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance

What is the ideal maintenance strategy for your organization?

Maintenance is an essential part of any facility’s equipment infrastructure.
Egle Segzdaite January 10,2022
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

The fundamentals (and benefits) of total productive maintenance

Adopting a preventive maintenance model for your facility and practicing its tenets according to a regular routine can boost your company's overall production, keep equipment...
Egle Segzdaite June 17,2021
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

The complications of reactive maintenance — and how to avoid them

Equipment maintenance is a cornerstone of facilities management. The scope and complexity of that work — and the degree to which it will cause equipment downtime — depends...
Egle Segzdaite May 18,2021
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Preventive Maintenance

Key benefits of preventive maintenance software

Maintenance is essential to the steady long-term operation of any factory, industrial site or other, similar organization.
Egle Segzdaite April 30,2021
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance

Work Requests: The Currency that Keeps Maintenance Management Moving

Maintenance Requests – also known as Work Requests – are a key player in strategic asset management and tactical maintenance management.
Jamie Borley March 2,2021
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Assets & Equipment, Condition Based Maintenance

14 EAM Features That Should be on Your Checklist

If you are reading this, there' a good chance you already work at an asset-intensive organization.
Jamie Borley February 23,2021
D365 Business Central, Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Assets & Equipment

EAM/CMMS for Microsoft Business Central: Software Features

You spend money on features when you purchase or lease software. Everyone loves a good feature. But what your organization really requires is the value delivered from those...
Egle Segzdaite July 21,2020
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

How to Implement a Total Productive Maintenance Plan (TPM)

The successful and sustainable implementation ofTotal Productive Maintenance(also known as TPM) should be a key concern for any conscientious plant manager or production leader....
Egle Segzdaite November 14,2019
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance: All you need to know

More and more often we can hear about Preventive Maintenance. But what exactly it means? Is it easy to just quit your pevious maintenance strategy you had for 15 or more years and...
Egle Segzdaite September 30,2019
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance & Sequences

How do you know when your equipment needs maintenance? Do you trust your gut or follow manufacturer recommendations? Or maybe wait until it breaks...? Here, we discuss some of...
Egle Segzdaite September 13,2019
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Safe Work, Maintenance Reporting

8 steps to reduce Maintenance Management Costs

The well-being of equipment has a huge impact on the overall efficiency in the organization. Producers need to exploit the latest technology in order to stay in the ongoing...
Egle Segzdaite July 15,2019
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Work Orders

The Mobile EAM | Maintenance App

Mobile EAM for the Maintenance Worker In order to have optimized Maintenance Management strategy, Mobility is a must. The most important data and information cannot be gathered...
Egle Segzdaite April 24,2019
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Maintenance Planning

Effective maintenance planning and work order scheduling ensure a safer and more cost-efficient work environment for asset-intensive businesses.
Egle Segzdaite March 11,2019
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Planning board module

The planning board module for Microsoft Asset Management in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is used for planning unscheduled work order lines on individual workers. Planners,...
Egle Segzdaite November 1,2017