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10 Maintenance Statistics that Drive Your KPI Selection

Industrial maintenance is awash with data.
Jamie Borley August 16,2023
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4 Ways to Maximize Financial Performance with Asset Management

Imagine the financial impact of a major machine breakdown on your company's bottom line and reputation. It could cause significant downtime, expensive repairs or replacement, and...
Aleksandra Kopacz May 3,2023
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Maintenance, Production, & Finance: How to Improve Communication in 4 Simple Steps

The key to improving communication between departments is really quite simple: mutual understanding and alignment.
Jamie Borley July 13,2022
Maintenance Reporting

3 different types of maintenance management analysis

If there’s anything more important to maintenance management than collecting data, it’s knowing how to use it effectively. Here, we’ll guide you through the relationship...
Egle Segzdaite July 7,2022
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How the Right Maintenance Data Tracking Can Benefit Your Company

As a maintenance manager, planner, or supervisor, you know how important it is to keep your assets running so you can minimize downtime and get shipments out the door to your...
Egle Segzdaite March 2,2020
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Clean Out Your Computer Day: Organize EAM

Started in 2000 by the Institute of Business Technology, national clean out your computer day falls on the second Monday in February. How to Celebrate? Organize your folders...
Egle Segzdaite February 10,2020
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8 steps to reduce Maintenance Management Costs

The well-being of equipment has a huge impact on the overall efficiency in the organization. Producers need to exploit the latest technology in order to stay in the ongoing...
Egle Segzdaite July 15,2019
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Failure Data Analysis in Maintenance (MTTR, PPC and more)

In any asset-intensive industry, from manufacturing to mining to food and beverage processing, reactive maintenance can wreak havoc on operational efficiency
Egle Segzdaite June 12,2019
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Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for Maintenance

Why Maintenance Performance, Reporting, and KPIs are Critical to Organizational Success If you want to achieve any objectives in life – whether personal, group, or...
Jamie Borley March 5,2019