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How Business Should Prepare for an Economic Slowdown

With the beginning of the new decade many businesses have started preparing for an economic slowdown. In 2020 businesses are faced with uncertainties that are causing doubt...
Egle Segzdaite January 24,2020

EAM in D365 (Asset Management in Microsoft Supply Chain)

In the new release for October 2019, Microsoft has announced a lot of new capabilities and features of Dynamics 365 and one of them is Asset Management. 
Egle Segzdaite November 11,2019

Asset Management on Microsoft Dynamics®

Enterprise Asset Management versus Asset Management on Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Finance and Operations
Egle Segzdaite October 2,2019

Microsoft Asset Management Transition: What You Need To Know

You asked and we answered!  In November 2018, we were proud to announce that Microsoft acquired the rights to Dynaway
Egle Segzdaite September 16,2019
EAM, Maintenance

Creating an Effective Maintenance Plan: What should you include?

Effective maintenance planning is essential to the overall maintenance environment. The maintenance plan's contents, which include the actual work, instructions, schedule,...
Egle Segzdaite September 2,2019

Microsoft D365 Asset Management | Preview

We are pleased to announce the preview program of Dynaway EAM for Microsoft D365 Asset Management!
Egle Segzdaite July 24,2019

INFOGRAPHIC: How To Choose The Right EAM Solution Provider?

  In the sea of CMMS/EAM providers and solutions, finding the right one for your business or industry can be a challenging task, full of question marks. Many believe that it's...
Egle Segzdaite July 22,2019
EAM, Maintenance, Mobile EAM

Work Order Software

At Dynaway, we rely on proven technologies that help us create great EAM applications and apps. We see our customers as collaborative partners therefore our product development...
Egle Segzdaite July 18,2019
EAM, Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Software Benefits

  If you have not been properly caring for the health of your company's equipment through preventive maintenance, then you may be surprised by the benefits a preventative asset...
Egle Segzdaite July 15,2019
EAM, Maintenance

EAM Cleaning: Time to get Organized!

  Summer vacation is approaching and it is time to clean up your EAM system so you can peacefully enjoy your holiday! Below you can find some tips about where to look into.
Egle Segzdaite June 5,2019
EAM, Maintenance

3D Printing of Spare Parts

  3D printing is changing things in many industries including Manufacturing and Natural Resources. It is a game changer in spare parts production. 3D printing is...
Egle Segzdaite May 22,2019
EAM, Events

Dynaway Food & Beverage Forum

Today Dynaway is organizing Food & Beverage forum for our customers! The purpose of the event is to provide Food & Beverage professionals with the knowledge on how to achieve...
Egle Segzdaite May 8,2019

The Mobile EAM | Maintenance App

Mobile EAM for the Maintenance Worker In order to have optimized Maintenance Management strategy, Mobility is a must. The most important data and information cannot be gathered...
Egle Segzdaite April 24,2019

What is EAM System (Enterprise Asset Management)?

Enterprise asset management (EAM) is a process of managing the lifecycle of physical assets and equipment in order to maximize its lifetime, reduce costs, improve quality and...
Egle Segzdaite April 2,2019

8 Key Factors When Choosing EAM

    In the sea of CMMS/EAM providers and solutions, finding the right one for your business or industry can be a challenging task, full of question marks. In spite of that,...
Egle Segzdaite March 12,2019

Spare parts and consumption

  The Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management system allows users to track spare parts on objects and object BOMs, which means you can follow item consumption on an object during...
Egle Segzdaite February 19,2019
EAM, Manufacturing

IoT in Maintenance

More and more we are hearing about the internet of things (IoT), but what does it actually mean? Basically, IoT  is the connection between devices and to the internet. The idea...
Egle Segzdaite January 20,2019
EAM, Manufacturing

The right stuff: Asset management in manufacturing

  There’s nothing worse than starting a home improvement project and discovering midway through that you’re missing a part or a specific tool.
Egle Segzdaite January 15,2019
EAM, Manufacturing

Transforming manufacturing with Enterprise Asset Management

  Every manufacturer has to deal with asset management and unfortunately, it’s an area that is fraught with inefficiencies.
Egle Segzdaite November 26,2018

Protect your bottom line with an advanced EAM approach

Whether it’s great or not-so-good, there’s always room for improvement. While there are a variety of strategies or tactics you can employ, one solution is particularly quick...
Egle Segzdaite November 22,2018

Transform first-line worker asset management

  Today’s first-line manufacturing workers have more on their plates managing and maintaining complex machines and other assets than ever before. As production volumes increase...
Egle Segzdaite September 18,2018
EAM, Manufacturing

4 technologies that transform enterprise asset management

Introduction What does enterprise asset management (EAM) have in common with running shoes?
Egle Segzdaite August 22,2018

Digital transformation through modern EAM

The need to be a good steward of assets is not a new concept for manufacturers. For years, manufacturers have poured resources into trying to control and plan asset maintenance...
Egle Segzdaite August 7,2018

Integration Points

    The Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management solution is BUILT-IN, not bolted on! We provide full integration with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Egle Segzdaite November 27,2017

Planning board module

In the mobile solution for Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management, the Planning board module is used for planning unscheduled work order lines on individual workers. Planners,...
Egle Segzdaite November 1,2017

Maintenance Strategies

 Corrective Maintenance: Corrective maintenance is carried out after failure detection and is aimed at restoring an asset to a condition in which it can perform its intended...
Egle Segzdaite August 14,2017

Smart data collection using Beacon’s

The Physical WebThe physical web is an open approach to enable quick and seamless interactions with physical objects and locations. Walk up and interact with any object — for...
Egle Segzdaite June 15,2016
EAM, Machine Learning

Part IV: Predictive Maintenance using Azure ML

The Machine Learning Magic! Let's predict things! In Part I, we have discussed different maintenance strategies, what is predictive maintenance and intoduced Azure ML. Part II...
Egle Segzdaite June 6,2015
EAM, Machine Learning

Part III: Predictive Maintenance using Azure ML

Preparing for some Azure ML magic! In Part I, we have discussed different maintenance strategies, what is predictive maintenance and intoduced Azure ML. Part II covered the...
Egle Segzdaite June 6,2015
EAM, Machine Learning

Part II: Predictive Maintenance using Azure ML

Introducing Azure ML In Part I, we have discussed different maintenance strategies, what is predictive maintenance and intoduced Azure ML: Microsoft Azure Machine Leaning (Azure...
Egle Segzdaite June 6,2015
EAM, Machine Learning

Part I: Predictive Maintenance using Azure ML

Motivation In this series of blog posts we will explore how to use Azure Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance. It will be completely commercial free until the very last...
Egle Segzdaite June 6,2015