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Essential tool for the Maintenance Manager

Nowadays data is everywhere and the challenge is not a lack of data anymore, in fact, it's the opposite! More often than not there is too much information available. The biggest challenge now is recognizing which data you need to track and how to organize it in a way to discover useful information for business decision-making.

Instead of hundreds of maintenance reports, we present to you… Dynaway Analytics: Customized dashboards to get a full overview of your maintenance operations and the most important metrics.

EAM Analytics is delivered with a set of standard dashboards and reports designed to answer the most commonly asked questions by the Maintenance Managers, Teams and Workers.




EAM Analytics



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Asset Management analytics

Other solutions that may benefit your business

At Dynaway, we are the experts in EAM. 15+ years of experience, gathering industry-specific knowledge, and talking to a variety of customers have helped us develop excellent solutions for Maintenance Management.

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