Measure and drive your maintenance performance

Asset Management Analytics is a highly customizable set of dashboards and reports to better forecast and plan your maintenance by improving your data-driven decision processes.
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Uncover and rectify data inaccuracies, and optimize asset management strategies

Dynaway Asset Management Analytics seamlessly integrates with Asset Management, highlighting data discrepancies post-implementation and revealing areas with missing registrations, such as Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). This discovery often leads enterprises to establish necessary checks and balances, addressing assumptions about automatically filled fields and configurations.


Ensuring data accuracy
Analyze and find patterns in your assets' downtime
Enhance operational efficiency
Foster better communication between Maintenance and Finance departments

Discover How IndyGo Enhances Fleet Maintenance with Enterprise Asset Management Analytics Dashboard from Dynaway

  • Looking for ways to effortlessly access data, similar to IndyGo's approach?
  • Are you in need for a custom analytics dashboard for your business?
  • Using D365 Finance & Operations or planning to adopt it as your ERP?
The Analytics Advantage

Evaluate whether to repair or replace assets

Enhance Decision-Making with Dynaway Asset Management Analytics. Finance and Maintenance Managers can now easily evaluate whether to repair or replace assets, streamlining asset management processes


Reporting in an easier, faster, and more efficient way

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At Dynaway, we are the experts in EAM. 15+ years of experience, gathering industry-specific knowledge, and talking to a variety of customers have helped us develop excellent solutions for Maintenance Management.




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