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Is your Microsoft AM missing functionality?

  • Permits (to Work)
  • Lockout
  • Tagout
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safe Work Overview
  • Permits - Multiple WOs


  • Create Permits and Permits to Work
  • Approve the permits directly in Microsoft Asset Management
  • Set up different roles to assign different approval tasks to different employees throughout your approval workflow
  • Prevent Work Orders from being completed before Permits to Work are filled in


  • Physically lock out your assets and log them in Asset Management
  • Create lockout points for machines or functional locations
  • Connect default Lockouts to Job Types - so that lockouts are created during specific types of jobs


  • Add tagouts to work orders, functional locations, and assets


  • Identify hazards
  • Add precautions to work orders to mitigate hazards
  • Checklists Actions

Safe Work Overview

The safe work overview' functionality contains a list of all work orders which have related lockouts, permits, tagouts, risk assessments, hazards and precautions.

Permits - Multiple Work Orders

This functionality enables the possibility to now have multiple references to work orders on a permit.


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Make work conditions safe

Risk management is a crucial element of any modern organization’s operating strategy that ensures risk and consequences are considered on a daily and task-by-task basis.




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Workplace Safety Measures 

Dynaway Safe Work Tagout module is used to ensure that maintenance work can be carried out in a safe way. You can create tagout records and add assets, work orders, and functional locations to a tagout. 

Some of the tagout examples:

  • Place barriers around a work area to restrict access
  • Block access to high-energy sources


Permit-to-work software bring operational benefits to your organization and business

  • Reduced risk of injury to all employees
  • High-risk activities are controlled, and risks understood
  • Reduced work errors by improved human performance
  • Higher asset availability
  • Higher workforce morale
  • Improved workplace culture
  • Reduced probability of fines
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Better reputation with clients and customers

Precaution checklist



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Work Permits

Learn how to use the Dynaway Safe-Work Forms module to support the requirement of tracking maintenance contractors currently on-site and ensuring Site Work Permits are issued before entrance at the Maintenance site.