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The Four Elements of Dynaway Safe Work

Dynaway Safe Work module for Microsoft Asset Management ensures that workers are informed, trained, and supervised to minimize the risk of potential human failures. It consists of these four parts:

  • Permits (to Work)
    • Create Permits and Permits to Work
    • Approve the permits directly in Microsoft Asset Management
    • Set up different roles to assign different approval tasks to different employees throughout your approval workflow
    • Prevent Work Orders from being completed before Permits to Work are filled in
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  • Lockout
    • Physically lock out your assets and log them in Asset Management
    • Create lockout points for machines or functional locations
    • Connect default Lockouts to Job Types - so that lockouts are created during specific types of jobs
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  • Tagout
    • Add tagouts to work orders, functional locations, and assets
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  • Risk Assessment
    • Identify hazards
    • Calculate risks
    • Add precautions to work orders to mitigate hazards
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Make work conditions safe

Risk management is a crucial element of any modern organization’s operating strategy that ensures risk and consequences are considered on a daily and task-by-task basis.




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Workplace Safety Measures 

Dynaway Safe Work Tagout module is used to ensure that maintenance work can be carried out in a safe way. You can create tagout records and add assets, work orders, and functional locations to a tagout. 

Some of the tagout examples:

  • Place barriers around a work area to restrict access
  • Block access to high-energy sources


Permit-to-work software bring operational benefits to your organization and business

  • Reduced risk of injury to all employees
  • High-risk activities are controlled, and risks understood
  • Reduced work errors by improved human performance
  • Higher asset availability
  • Higher workforce morale
  • Improved workplace culture
  • Reduced probability of fines
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Better reputation with clients and customers

Precaution checklist



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Work Permits

Learn how to use the Dynaway Safe-Work Forms module to support the requirement of tracking maintenance contractors currently on-site and ensuring Site Work Permits are issued before entrance at the Maintenance site.