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  • Dynaway has a proven method and a successful track record of completing and supporting EAM implementations with the aim of moving customers' maintenance management organization to the next level. [INFOGRAHIC: Dynaway Implementation process]
  • Already Dynaway Customer? Read more about Dynaway EAM Transition to Microsoft Asset Management
  • A standard implementation for Dynaway EAM is estimated for 1 site, with an implementation period of 4-6 months. Learn more here.
  • Dynaway provides Senior Consultants with experience in implementing Dynaway EAM. Depending on availability, consultants may be dispatched from Denmark or the US.
Smooth Asset Management Implementation by Dynaway, ensures a painless project and a successful start to embrace the benefits of Dynaway EAM and leverage your maintenance management strategy right away!

Content for Standard Implementation

  • Project initiation and planning.
  • Technical assistance.
  • 3 on-site workshops including preparation, hand-outs and follow-up.
  • 4 days. Education and setup.
  • 4 days. Maintenance process validation.
  • 4 days. Conference room pilot.
  • Online sessions and on-going implementation support.
  • Go-live support.
  • Project Delivery.

Price - $240 / Hour (Monthly invoicing)

For more information fill in the form below and we will contact you to help you evaluate implementation time period and costs!

You can download the standard implementation document here. Read more about Prerequisites/Terms of Delivery.