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Microsoft D365 Finance & Operations Solutions

for better Asset Management

Advanced asset management

Checklist actions

Automatically create a related work order based on the input from a checklist.

Tool Crib

Tool Management Solution.

Transfer Assets

Transfer your Assets to a different legal entity.

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advanced management




Mobile Microsoft Asset Management

The Dynaway Mobile EAM client offers increased efficiency and flexibility in your maintenance department.

It allows your maintenance workers to report status and progress on work orders in real time, consume spare parts, and quickly and efficiently complete work orders on-site.

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Planning board

Flexible and optimized work order planning

The Planning board module is used for planning unscheduled work order lines on individual workers in D365 Asset Management module. Planners, supervisors, and managers can schedule and reschedule work order lines on the Mobile Client. Scheduling is updated in real time. 

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planning board




Service Portal

Quickly create service requests for equipment failures

The Service portal module on the Mobile Client allows you to quickly and easily create Maintenance Requests on assets, for example, when a worker detects an error, a faulty setup, or a need for inspection on a machine&work center.

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Asset management analytics

Easy Maintenance reporting and KPIs

As an essential tool for the maintenance operations; AM Analytics will allow you to constantly monitor whether the maintenance operations are running as planned and take corrective measurements in a timely fashion if not.

EAM Analytics is delivered with a set off standard dashboards and reports designed to asnwer the most commonly asked questions by the Maintenance Managers Teams and Workers.

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Precaution checklist


Make work conditions safe

Safety  permits ensure that worker is informed, trained and supervised to minimize the risk of any potential human failure.

tick_text  Reduce risk of injury and death to all employee

tick_text  High/risk activities are controlled and risks understood

tick_text  Reduced work errors by improved human performance

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