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Dynaway EAM and CMMS

At Dynaway, we exclusively focus on maintenance software built for Microsoft Dynamics® platforms.

We offer maintenance solutions for Microsoft Supply Chain Management (F&O), AX 2012 and Business Central platforms.

Dynaway EAM (sold to Microsoft in 2018) is now an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics®, re-branded as "Microsoft Asset Management." Dynaway continues to offer and develop additional functionality built on Microsoft AM and provides in-depth training courses.

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Business Central

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Finance & Operations

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Training for Microsoft AM


AX 2012



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D365 Business Central, Maintenance Inventory

Expenses in Dynaway EAM: How to register external cost for your maintenance work

When doing maintenance, it’s not uncommon to have expenses and additional costs such as tool rental, accommodation, and travel expenses that needs to be registered. In this article, you will learn ...
Krzysztof Bialowas April 6,2021
D365 Finance & Operations / AX 2012

Microsoft Asset Management: What You Need To Know

Losing track of the status of even one seemingly minor piece of equipment in a heavy industrial or technological environment can be a recipe for disaster. It may not come immediately, but you're ...
Egle Segzdaite March 30,2021
D365 Business Central, Preventive Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance

Importing IoT data to EAM-BC with Power Automate - No coding required

This article showcases how to integrate EAM for Business Central (EAM-BC) with Azure IoT Central and allow maintenance professionals to track data from many IoT sensors in one place.
Krzysztof Bialowas March 25,2021
Condition Based Maintenance, IoT

The fundamentals and benefits of condition-based maintenance

While it might not be precisely accurate to describe the current moment for the global economy as being "at a crossroads," it's certainly true that we're at a key point as we round the bend of 2021's ...
Jamie Borley March 16,2021
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance

Work Requests: The Currency that Keeps Maintenance Management Moving

Maintenance Requests – also known as Work Requests – are a key player in strategic asset management and tactical maintenance management.
Jamie Borley March 2,2021
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Assets & Equipment, Condition Based Maintenance

14 EAM Features That Should be on Your Checklist

If you are reading this, there' a good chance you already work at an asset-intensive organization.
Jamie Borley February 23,2021
Assets & Equipment, Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance

Simplify Failure Reporting in Maintenance

During the heat of a long and difficult maintenance shift, industrial engineers sometimes 'forget' to fill out the work order feedback for failures they have fixed.
Jamie Borley January 12,2021
Work Orders

A Plan for Conquering (and Preventing) Work Order Backlog

Crumbling infrastructure is a worldwide problem - spurred on, in part, by inaccurate predictions about the lifespan of things like bridges, and partially, from a global lack of sufficient funding for ...
Kayla Russel January 5,2021