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Dynaway EAM and CMMS

At Dynaway, we exclusively focus on maintenance software built for Microsoft Dynamics® platforms.

We offer maintenance solutions for Microsoft Supply Chain Management (F&O), AX 2012 and Business Central platforms.

Dynaway EAM (sold to Microsoft in 2018) is now an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics®, re-branded as "Microsoft Asset Management." Dynaway continues to offer and develop additional functionality built on Microsoft AM and provides in-depth training courses.

Dynaway Academy

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Business Central

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Assets & Equipment, Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance

Simplify Failure Reporting in Maintenance

During the heat of a long and difficult maintenance shift, industrial engineers sometimes 'forget' to fill out the work order feedback for failures they have fixed.
Jamie Borley January 12,2021
Work Orders

A Plan for Conquering (and Preventing) Work Order Backlog

Crumbling infrastructure is a worldwide problem - spurred on, in part, by inaccurate predictions about the lifespan of things like bridges, and partially, from a global lack of sufficient funding for ...
Kayla Russel January 5,2021

Infographic: What do Maintenance Professionals REALLY think about industrial IoT?

Even though the industry is full of buzz-words like Digital Transformation and IoT, what is the reality? Are companies ready to adopt it? Recently Dynaway has conducted research about how Industrial ...
Egle Segzdaite November 16,2020

Market Analysis: How much does CMMS/EAM software cost?

Many providers, especially in the EAM space avoid this question. "Call for quote!" they say. We traditionally try to be as upfront as possible. You can check out our Dynaway EAM pricing page for our ...
Jamie Borley November 13,2020

Implementing EAM Software: 4 Challenges and How to Solve Them

Let’s get to the point early on. Getting EAM / CMMS implementation wrong is expensive and stressful for any sized company. You have been warned.
Jamie Borley November 3,2020

10 signs you should switch to a new EAM system

Modern CMMS / EAM software can offer you so much more than its 20th century predecessors.
Jamie Borley October 26,2020
Work Orders

Work Order Management: The Right Way

Work order management. If you do it the right way, your organization will reap the benefits. It will witness a transformation in productivity, maintenance effectiveness and decision-making.
Jamie Borley September 28,2020
Assets & Equipment

Beginners Guide : Industrial Lubrication

Lubrication. That word makes some people smile. But in industrial organizations world-wide, it gives most people a headache. Why?
Jamie Borley September 16,2020