How do you know when your assets need maintenance? Do you often schedule maintenance work based on manufacturer recommendations? Or maybe wait until it breaks?

In this webinar, Microsoft Asset Management expert Thomas Krogh will talk about 5 different Maintenance Models in Microsoft Asset Management:

  1. Reactive Maintenance: Repair equipment prompted by a request
  2. Scheduled / Preventive Maintenance: Repairs and service based on a fixed schedule regardless of condition or meet regulation
  3. Condition-based Maintenance: Condition is monitored continuously using operating parameters to assess health and indicate maintenance needs via real-time alerts
  4. Predictive Maintenance: Determine asset health and pair efficient operating range measures, usage patterns and repair history to improve maintenance planning.
  5. Cognitive Maintenance: Ensure maintenance is scheduled automatically in consideration of operating health and maintenance logistics, including parts, consumables, tools and resource availability to ensure maximum asset utilization and efficiency. 

When using the right Maintenance Model, you can essentially decrease the chances of equipment breakdown, ensuring that every piece of equipment receives consistent maintenance to prevent costly and unexpected failures.

During this session you will learn: 

image-png-Oct-06-2020-11-58-17-87-AMHow you can use Maintenance Plans in Microsoft Asset Management. 

image-png-Oct-06-2020-11-58-17-87-AMWhat are the possibilities and limitations.

image-png-Oct-06-2020-11-58-17-87-AMHow to plan your Maintenance in the most efficient way.


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