The Winning App for Real-Time Visibility

Mobile Work Order Execution in Microsoft Asset Management

Experience the revolution in mobile maintenance software technology that eliminates the need for time wastage. Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace the effortless way of managing your assets. With cutting-edge advancements, you can now easily streamline your workflow and achieve real-time visibility. Discover the incredible mobile capabilities offered by Microsoft Asset Management, empowering you to execute work orders seamlessly. 

Embrace the convenience of a mobile client that transforms your maintenance operations and enhances collaboration. Our innovative solution allows you to register data effortlessly, even in remote areas with limited or no Internet access. Explore the game-changing features of Dynaway Mobile Client, designed to revolutionize your maintenance management and provide unmatched convenience. It's time to unlock a new era of efficiency and productivity with our winning app for real-time visibility.

During the session, you will see:

  • The mobile capabilities in Microsoft Asset Management
  • How a mobile client can ease your workflow
  • How to register data on remote areas with limited or no Internet access
  • How the new Dynaway Mobile Client features creates better collaboration and convenience

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