The Key Piece to Closing the Gap

Dynaway Advanced Asset Management Extension for Microsoft Asset Management

Close the gaps in your Microsoft Asset Management in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations with Dynaway Advanced Asset Management, the ultimate solution that revolutionizes your asset management processes. Unlock a whole new level of efficiency and productivity as you access over 30 cutting-edge features (and counting). Seamlessly bridge the divide between your current asset management capabilities and the optimized potential that Dynaway Advanced Asset Management offers. 

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Experience the power of automated work order creation from a comprehensive checklist, ensuring streamlined operations and eliminating manual errors. Keep meticulous track of your valuable tools with our state-of-the-art tool crib management feature, providing real-time visibility and preventing loss or misplacement. Stay on top of your inventory status with work order kitting, enabling you to plan and execute tasks with precision. Effortlessly transfer assets between legal entities, eliminating complexities and ensuring smooth transitions. And that's not all - get ready to explore the exciting new features and capabilities introduced in the January 2023 Release, designed to enhance your asset management experience. Take control of your Microsoft Asset Management with Dynaway Advanced Asset Management - the key piece to closing the gap and unleashing the full potential of your operations.

 During the session, you will learn:
  • Automate work order creation from a checklist
  • Keep track of your tools with tool crib management
  • Check inventory status with work order kitting
  • Transfer assets between legal entities
  • New features and capabilities from January 2023 Release


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