Mobile work order execution

The Mobile EAM Client is a comprehensive offline capable client that supports a wide variety of processes related to work order execution. Key features include:

  • Asset browser
    The asset browser contains a Google-like search function that allows to search assets by ID, name, location and more. For the individual asset, a complete timeline of the asset, including registered service requests, faults and work orders is available. Asset counters and asset specifications are also available.
  • Work order check lists
    The maintenance worker can easily fill out checklists, including measurements, as part of work order execution.
  • Material consumption on work orders
    Spare parts and other materials can be consumed from the Mobile Client, whether forecasted on the work order or not.
  • Time registration on work orders
  • Create service requests
  • Create fault registrations
  • Work order creation for ad-hoc maintenance
  • Kanban Board
    The Kanban board module allows for easy update of work order stages, where the typical workflow is for the maintenance worker to drag-and-drop work orders from the global pool of pending work orders to in-progress and finalized stages.
    The offline capable mobile client can run on PCs, Android and iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad.
  • Service Portal
    The Service Portalmodule allows you to quickly and easily create requests, for example, when a worker detects an error or a faulty setup on a machine / work center. The module is intended for shop floor workers who operate machines or other types of equipment, which require maintenance or service regularly.




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