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Maintenance solutions

Built inside Microsoft Dynamics®

Our software helps you prolong the life of your equipment, optimize maintenance processes by reducing equipment downtime and take control of your maintenance costs within your Microsoft ERP.


Dynaway creates maintenance solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs:

Business Central

Our EAM is a maintenance add-on for Business Central enabling to:

  • Execute work orders
  • Set up preventive maintenance
  • Track your spare part inventory
Finance & Operations

Enhance advanced asset management using our EAM solution features:

  • Planning Board
  • Service Portal
  • Mobile Work Order
Dynamics AX

Our EAM secures integration to finance, inventory, procurement and production.

  • Planning Board
  • Service Portal
  • Mobile Work Order

Built-in solution

Take control of your maintenance costs within your Microsoft ERP

Asset management

Organize and manage your equipment, quickly build and import asset hierarchies.

Microsoft ecosystem

Dynamics strategy means that our solutions are 100% part of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Maintenance management

Our EAM helps you prolong the life of your equipment, optimize maintenance processes by reducing equipment downtime.

Maintenance KPI's & Analytics

Visually appealing interface of asset management analytics tool built with Power BI gives you all the right answers


We develop our EAM solutions based on industry needs within Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Energy & Natural Resource sectors.

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