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Make work conditions safe with Permit-to-work

Risk management is a crucial element of any modern organization’s operating strategy that ensures risk and consequences are considered on a daily and task-by-task basis.

Safety permits ensure that the worker is informed, trained and supervised to minimize the risk of any potential human failure. 



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Permit-to-work software bring operational benefits to your organization and business

  • Reduced risk of injury and death to all employees
  • High-risk activities are controlled, and risks understood
  • Reduced work errors by improved human performance
  • Higher asset availability
  • Higher workforce morale
  • Improved workplace culture
  • Reduced probability of fines
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Better reputation with clients and customers

Precaution checklist


The Permit-to-Work module in D365 Finance & Operations allows users to manage permits as if it was a paper-based form.


Permit Templates

Permit templates make it easy to create customizable checklists, questions, dropdowns and instructions.

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Permit Forms

Permit forms can be modified at any time, without affecting active and completed permits!


Mobile App

With the Permit-to-Work app, users will be able to fill-in, view, review and approve Permits on-site.

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Digital Signature

Use Digital Signatures to validate the signer and approve Permits.