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Prerequisites/ Terms of Delivery

Service price is Price is $14,995 + Direct Travel Costs

  • 8 of hours of traveling time is included in the price
  • 4 day workshop: 100% engagement of the team is required!
  • Environment to be established in advance of the 4-day workshop (1 – 2 weeks prior)
  • Set up a call a couple of weeks in advance of the workshop to review templates for data entry;
  • Include representative examples of assets from each operating division;
  • Types of work orders; corrective, preventative, emergency, etc.
  • Where commonalities exist across divisions, limit to unique examples
  • Consideration for common scenarios… and maybe some of the edge cases
  • Example: 10 – 20 assets that are representative
  • Clone a copy of the D365 production (or similar) environment
  • Installation of the Dynaway module within the environment
  • Ensure configuration complete for Projects (the key component of the software) and Warehouse module (if spare parts will be required)
  • Load data so that POC is leveraging your organizations’ data