Dynaway EAM software in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Asset Management)

Nov 12, 2018 10:39:22 AM


EG-owned Dynaway headquartered in Aalborg has done it before: sold a piece of software to Microsoft.


The company does it again by selling Microsoft the rights to its primary product, Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) .This will make Dynaway EAM an integrated part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and will be called Microsoft Asset Management Module.

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Aalborg, November 12, 2018 – EG-owned Dynaway, who is specialized in Enterprise Asset Management tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365, has just signed a contract with Microsoft that gives Microsoft ownership rights to include the code behind the global software success Dynaway EAM in their product offering. Over the next 1-2 years, the software will be integrated into Dynamics 365 and will be known as Microsoft Asset Management Module. EG and Dynaway have previously sold the solution Shop Floor Control to Microsoft – a product that is now called Time And Attendance and Manufacturing Execution which is also part of Dynamics 365.

Dynaway EAM is used by customers around the globe, and Dynaway EAM is one of the most widely used solutions in the area of asset management for medium and large enterprises. The development of Dynaway EAM has taken more than 10 years and followed the significant growth in the number of customers on Dynamics 365.

The Dynaway team will assist Microsoft in integrating Dynaway EAM in Dynamics 365, and moving forward, Dynaway will continue to develop new add-on modules for Dynamics 365. All existing customers will continue to be supported by Dynaway, and the company’s ongoing development of new add-on modules secures that Dynaway will remain a central player around the product.


- “We’ve worked day and night on this product for 10 years creating the best asset management solution for Microsoft’s ERP platform on the market. Therefore, we see it as a giant pat on the shoulder that the product now becomes an integrated part of Microsoft’s ERP system. EAM will also be part of the product portfolio for Microsoft’s 3,000 dealers around the world, and this, we believe, will help secure even more customers on this Danish part of Dynamics 365. That makes us very proud,” says CEO in Dynaway, Ulrich Kærgaard.

- “We’re very pleased that Dynaway has once again sold one of their products to Microsoft. This is a strong testimony that the development of add-on products and in-house IP lead to success in the market,” comments Mikkel Bardram, CEO of the owner behind Dynaway, EG.

- Muhammad Alam, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations said, “Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations continues to create value by bringing together people, data and processes to help organizations with their digital transformation.Dynaway has always been a strong partner for Microsoft and we’re pleased to work with them to add Dynaway’s Enterprise Asset Management solution to our core offering. Customers will be better able to plan and predict asset management resulting in increased asset life, less down time and reducted costs.''

Moving forward, Dynaway will focus on developing new add-on modules for both Dynamics 365 and Dynaway EAM, and the company also continues to sell Dynaway EAM as a Software as a Service-product to its own customers. The task of integrating Dynaway EAM in Dynamics 365 is expected to keep Dynaway busy for the next 1-2 years and therefore, CEO Ulrich Kærgaard sees nothing but growth for Dynaway that has offices in Aalborg, Denmark, and South Carolina, USA.

The preview for Microsoft Asset Management is already available! Read more here

For further information, please contact:

Ulrich Kærgaard, CEO, Dynaway, +45 40 95 35 06 / ulk@dynaway.com

Press relations: Jacob Lange, Lange PR, +45 20 76 30 20 / jacob@langepr.dk



 Ulrich Kærgaard, CEO, Dynaway

About Dynaway

Dynaway is owned by EG, and the company has specialized in developing Enterprise Asset Management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365. Throughout the past 10 years of development, Dynaway has created one of the world’s most widely used products on the area. Dynaway EAM, which is the main product of the company, is used across a wide array of industries and is typically implemented by Dynaway’s own consultants or one of the company’s partners around the globe.


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