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The standard EAM module is required if you want to have additional Dynaway modules, which are optional. The price is a sum of the following indicators:

The Standard Implementation is the process of integration of Dynaway's EAM into your existing Enterprise Microsoft Software. We work with the following systems: 

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

If you want to learn more about our standard implementation package, you can read our example quote here (estimated for 1 site, with an implementation period of 4-6 months.) 

The base EAM module and the additional modules' licenses are paid as a subscription fee each month after the successful implementation of the EAM. The price is based on which modules your company uses. 

Based on the number of users which will use the EAM and the modules, user license subscription will be added on.  

We provide three different customer package plans - Silver, Gold and Platinum, with different set of services, included in. If you want to learn more about out Customer Care Packages, please read here

*The Customer Care Package is a requirement, while using Dynaway's products. 

Below you can calculate the price for Dynaway solutions. Note: that calculations are only for Subscription License. 

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Dynaway EAM and Additional Modules

EAM - Enterprise Asset Management*

Enterprise Asset Management allows you to efficiently manage and carry out all tasks related to managing and servicing many types of equipment in your company, for example, machines, production equipment, and vehicles.
*This is the base module and it is required if your company want to integrate additional modules. 
** Dynaway EAM Mobile is included in the EAM base module.


ASM - Asset Service Management

Asset Service Management uses the project quotation functionality in the Project management and accounting module to effectively manage service of customer equipment. By using the customer information already created in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you can create a list of the customers related to your service organization.


Service Portal

The Service Portal is a module available on Dynaway’s Mobile Client, and allows you to quickly and easily create requests when a worker detects an error of faulty setup of specific locations or assets. The requests are revised by the maintenance manager who can automatically create work orders.


Planning Board

The Planning board is used for planning unscheduled work order lines on individual workers. Planners, supervisors, and managers can schedule and reschedule work order lines on the Mobile Client. Scheduling is updated in real time.


GDM - Global Data Management

Dynaway Global Data Management (GDM) for Dynamics 365 helps ensure transparency and consistency when working with business data across your organization, while still allowing for the requirements of individual companies.


Offline Inventory

The module allows the worker to execute work orders and register spare part usage when the Mobile Client is offline. After the device is online again, the registered information gets synchronized right away with the ERP. 

This is a Custom Module.

If you set variable Custom_Module_1 to 0 it will disappear.

You have two custom modules.

This is a Custom Module.

If you set variable Custom_Module_2 to 0 it will disappear.

You have two custom modules.

Customer Care Plan** (Required for all customers)
Dynaway Customer Care Services for Dynaway EAM are available in three versions: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each version includes standardized services that meet typical business needs, depending on the size and complexity of your organization. The final solution can be further adapted to suit your specific business needs.

Service Desk
Product Portal
Service Requests
Platform and Application Notifications
Service Review Meetings
You can read the full-service package which you get with the Silver plan here.


Silver + (all the services specific to Gold):
Service Desk Usage Reports
Super User Support
Feature Requests
Incident Workarounds
Support of Customizations
Configuration Audit
Change Management
Bug Fix

You can read the full-service package which you get with the Gold plan here.


Silver + Gold + (all the services specific to Platinum):
Service Desk Usage Analysis
Sanity Check
Performance Analysis
Strategic Roadmap Advisory On-Site
Bug Fix

You can read the full-service package which you get with the Platinum plan here.

Number of Users
Please select the number of named users who will need access to the Dynaway EAM module.


Modules Price:
EAM Users Price:
Customer Care Services:
Total Monthly Cost: 
Estimated Standard Implementation**


*License value is calculated as (monthly license subscription payment) x 36 (months).

**This price may vary, depending on customers' needs. Please read more about out Standard Implementation price here


We offer innovative, industry focused solutions: With Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management you can focus on cost effective and easy maintenance processes that continuously reduce equipment down time.



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