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EAM Dream Team: Partner Success Story of Dynaway and STEAM Consultancy


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systems and processes re-implemented


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Partner Success Story
Industries: Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Energy, Transportation, Government Agencies
Region: Western Europe (focus on Benelux)
EAM Dream Team: Partner Success Story of Dynaway and STEAM Consultancy

EAM Dream Team: Partner Success Story of Dynaway and STEAM Consultancy

Dynaway and STEAM Consultancy have been collaborating successfully since they first met in 2013 at a chemical plant in Rotterdam. With over 25 years of experience, STEAM Consultancy enhances maintenance processes across various industries in Western Europe, while Dynaway delivers high-quality EAM solutions integrated into Microsoft Dynamics. They share the same goal: to enable their customers to become industry leaders through maintenance excellence. Together, they have made significant strides in maintenance management, offering innovative solutions and delivering excellent services to their clients.

In the fast-paced world of industrial maintenance, the right partnership can turn challenges into triumphs.

This is a short story of Dynaway and STEAM Consultancy, two companies dedicated to maintenance, whose paths crossed in 2013 at a chemical plant in Rotterdam. What began as a meeting of minds on a challenging project quickly grew into a close partnership based on shared values and a mutual passion for excellence in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Overview of STEAM Consultancy

Strategic Tactical Enterprise Asset Management (STEAM) Consultancy specializes in implementing asset management software systems and enhancing maintenance management within industrial plants, technical environments, and maintenance facilities. With a team of enthusiastic consultants, STEAM Consultancy is a respected partner in the asset management sector. 

STEAM Consultancy brings over 25 years of experience in asset management implementation. They excel in maintenance and reliability improvement projects, primarily serving Western Europe from their base in the south of the Netherlands.

Key Values

  • Strength
  • Knowledge
  • Teamwork 

Key Services

  • Implementing and optimizing information systems and specific maintenance management systems (EAM)
  • Optimizing (technical) business processes
  • Executing maintenance & reliability improvement projects
  • Managing organizational (and technical) improvement and implementation projects

STEAM's Industry Expertise

STEAM Consultancy has outstanding knowledge and experience in long-lasting projects within industries such as: 

  • Chemicals 
  • Petrochemicals
  • (Sustainable) Energy
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Government Agencies


Overview of Dynaway

At Dynaway, we specialize in integrating EAM with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Supply Chain Management (F&O), and Business Central. For over 20 years, Dynaway has focused exclusively on developing and perfecting asset management solutions built for the Microsoft Dynamics platforms. Read more about Dynaway here.

The Partnership

The Partnership between Dynaway and STEAM began when they met in 2013 on a challenging shared project at Aluchemie Rotterdam (the Netherlands). As we are both passionate about EAM solutions, our partnership started and evolved in the following years. 

Since 2013, this collaboration has brought significant advancements in Enterprise Asset Management systems across Western Europe. Together, Dynaway and STEAM Consultancy have transformed maintenance management processes within various industrial sectors, showcasing a powerful synergy that drives exceptional customer success.

Support and Enablement

Dynaway supports STEAM Consultancy with several certified consultants and frequent communication to stay abreast of developments within Finance & Operations (F&O) and Business Central (BC). Additionally, STEAM Consultancy benefits from attending Dynaway's webinars and the open channel for improvement based on customer needs observed in the market.

Key Benefits of the Partnership

By leveraging each other's strengths, the partnership between Dynaway and STEAM Consultancy leads to innovative solutions and enhanced service delivery, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

The partnership allows both parties to:

  • Exchange EAM knowledge and expertise
  • Better match customer needs and demands
  • Continuously improve EAM solutions within D365

Top Reasons to Partner with Dynaway

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) working with the Asset Management component of the Microsoft Dynamics stack, Dynaway is a great fit for the STEAM Consultancy value proposition. When asked about Dynaway's unique selling points, STEAM Consultancy emphasized our high-quality software, user-friendliness, mobile platform, and scheduling board.

STEAM Consultancy highlighted the top three reasons for partnering with Dynaway:

  1. High-quality Software

    Dynaway offers high-quality software specifically designed to fully support maintenance operations, ensuring robust and efficient asset management.

  2. Collaborative Implementation

    The close collaboration during implementations results in the creation of valuable new standard functionalities, enhancing the overall effectiveness and customization of solutions.

  3. Cultural Synergy

    The similar culture and mindset of the Danish and Dutch teams make communication and collaboration effortless. This strong alignment leads to smoother project execution and successful outcomes

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STEAM's Customer Success Story with Dynaway Solution

Here is an example of a successful implementation of Dynaway's solution by STEAM Consultancy.

 Source: https://www.steamconsultancy.com/our-projects/dynaway-eam

"STEAM Consultancy has been asked to execute a complex implementation of Dynaway EAM in Dynamics 365FO in Italy for an international client in the chemical industry. Due to a take-over, the plant faced the challenging task of re-implementing the systems and processes within three months.

During this transition, the plant had to keep operational and the time-line of this transition should not have any influences on this. Within this larger project we have been responsible for the systems and processes of maintenance, inventory / stock and engineering. Data downloads are provided by the outgoing holding. Subsequently, this data was analysed and restructured to be used efficiently in Dynaway EAM.

During the implementation, there was continuous consultation with the stakeholders and other implementation partners about the functionality, data structures and user roles and restrictions. As part of the project, the users have received training in the use of EAM in 365FO. After three months we went live successfully without any loss of data and functionality."

Read about other projects here: Our projects | STEAM Consultancy 


The partnership between STEAM Consultancy and Dynaway shows how much can be accomplished through collaboration, shared goals, and a commitment to continuous improvement. This collaboration has strengthened both parties' joint position on the market, added new standard functionalities, and contributed to mutual growth and development.

If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, passionate about maintenance, and looking to make a difference, partnering with Dynaway could be a perfect fit. Learn more about our EAM solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 inside Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

For companies in Western Europe within industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, sustainable energy, transportation, or government agencies seeking to streamline maintenance operations, STEAM Consultancy is your go-to expert. Contact them today and discover how their expertise can drive efficiency and excellence in your asset management processes!

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