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"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

- Andrew Carnegie



Ulrich Kærgaard

Dedicated and Inspiring Boss & Leader to the Dynaway Team. 

He is motivated by creating opportunities for product and business improvement which align business goals with technology solutions and has an affinity for adding value through near- and young-sourcing. 

On free time enjoys jogging, traveling 🗺️ and is a certified scuba diver! 

Helene Borgen Markussen
Senior Technical Writer

Technical Writer with 20 years of experience.  Passionate about communication in general and tech comm in particular, human interaction, social media, and technology. Word nerd.  Enjoys a good laugh, running, and yoga to keep body and mind in perfect shape. 🧘

Thomas Krogh
Senior Consultant

Thomas has more than 20 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics and EAM and can definitely be called EAM expert! 

Thomas is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers and Oklahoma City Thunder  and never misses a chance to see the game when he is in the U.S!  🇺🇸

Aldin Beganovic
Customer Care Manager

As a trusted advisor, Aldin ensures that our customers are making the most of their technology by tailoring customer care and customer services to drive business value from the customer’s IT investments. 

Aldin is dedicated to help customers realize the full potential of the Dynaway EAM solution, with a clear focus on continuous improvement and a customer-centric approach. ✔️



Egle Segzdaite
Digital Marketing Manager

Passionate Digital Marketing Manager with a focus on communication with current and future customers. The main goal is to provide all the information about Dynaway and its products by creating content designed to address the problems and needs of customers.  

Fascinated by technology trends, loves playing volleyball 🏐 and spending time outdoors.

Poul Christensen
Senior Support Consultant
Poul has more than 40 years of experience within all areas of IT. From those, he spent 14 years working in Switzerland and New Zealand. 

He is Dynaway team's exterminator and enjoys hunting for bugs that are unintentionally created by developers.

In his spare time, Poul enjoys running and reading  (not at the same time though). He always spends his holiday in Gran Canaria. 🏝️
Mads Haslund
Software Architect

Mads is a computer scientist with about 20 years of experience of making great solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

He is always striving to create great solutions with a focus on the end users.

Strongly believes that the daily commute on a bike is a luxury. 

Enjoys very much board games, movies, and reading fiction. 🛸

Jesse Zdonek
Business Development Manager

Jesse is Solutions Consultant with 18+ years of experience managing and coordinating ERP//EAM projects. He has an engineering degree from Clemson University which enables him to help organizations understand and successfully solve problems related to managing assets and tracking maintenance costs. 

He enjoys family and football 🏈. In his spare time, Jesse coaches volleyball to youth in his hometown Greenville SC.

Alan Rashid
Dynamics 365 F&O Junior Developer

Alan is a junior D365 developer with Bachelor's degree in Electronics and is currently studying a Master's degree in Computer Science. He is highly motivated and driven to try and learn new things every day.


In order to reset after work and just because it's a lot of fun, Alan likes practicing historical fencing with longsword and sabre 🗡️.

Claus Nielsen
Senior Consultant

Claus is a senior consultant with over 20 years of consulting experience, and possesses an all-round skill-set of Dynamics 356 For Operations, custom development and support.  Claus has specialized in the supply chain, production, inventory, warehouse management and the last 10 years Enterprise Asset management. 

Claus enjoys outdoor sports, ⛵ sailing in the Danish waters and Sea kayaking. 

Kristoffer Bohmann
Product Development Manager

Kristoffer is Product Development Manager at Dynaway and he is responsible for driving product development of our future EAM products. 

He has a lot of experience working with customers in the energy, maritime, food & beverage, and manufacturing industries regarding implementing and improving the use of their maintenance solutions. 🧰

Rune Jeppesen
Software Architect

Rune is a Software Architect with a Master's Degree in Computer Science and 15 years of experience in programming & solution development. 

He thrives on delving into challenges and figuring out the best solutions for both sides, therefore always sets high quality and performance standards! 

In free time, he likes to play board 🎲 and computer games, loves watching fiction and fantasy, therefore, enjoys going to movie festivals! 

John Webb
Business Development Manager

John focuses on providing support to Dynaway clients and the Microsoft partner network, relying on his 20 years of experience in sales and management set in progress after his graduation from Clemson University 🐾.  His goal is ensuring that customers are 100% satisfied as their software ambitions come to fruition.

He enjoys backpacking in the Appalachian Mountains ⛰️ with the Smokies and southern Blue Ridge being his favorites. John is based in Greenville, SC where he and his wife try to keep up with their four teenage sons.

Clayton Loden
Engagement Manager
Damian Siwek
Team Leader | Scrum Master

Damian is a Team Leader and Lead Developer at Dynaway. He is also a Scrum Master for Dynaway team developing new complex and exciting solutions for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations apps.

Damian continuously develops his skills and knowledge and keeps up to date with the latest technologies and trends in IT sector and Dynamics 365.


Damian is a big volleyball fan keeping fingers crossed for next successes of Polish volleyball players. In his free time, he enjoys watching good movies 🎞️, listening to relaxing music and reading books.

Radosław Miernik
Junior Developer

Radek is an ex-science explainer who fell in love with programming. He has a biotechnological background in the food industry. His experience made him a person who always looks for something new to learn. 

After work? Vinyl records collector (but only with electronic music), DJ (now only for close friends), geocacher, plant lover and jigsaw puzzles addicted 🧩 (but only with landscapes). 

Josef Kriz
Frontend Engineer

Josef has a degree in Computer Science and is passionate about Web/Mobile Development and Machine Learning. At Dynaway, he maintains our EAM Mobile products and helps lifting them to another level using the latest technologies.

His hobbies include cycling, skiing and canoeing, but he also never misses a chance to grab a good (craft) beer 🍺.

Lisa Bro Nilsen
Junior Consultant

Lisa is a Junior Consultant with a master's degree in Information-Technology Management and a Bachelor's in Communication and Interactive Technology. She always thrives on improving her skills and is very motivated to find innovative ways to create value through technology.

In her spare time, she loves doing sports, has a big interest in TV-shows and is very passionate about good food 🥘. 

Karel Cancara
Marketer/ Video Creator

Karel makes sure that Dynaway's great software gets to the right customers in an understandable form. He is fascinated by creating videos and telling stories through them.

Outside of the office he makes music 🎵, works out, or has a coffee with his friends.

Niels Junge Stoffersen
Project Coordinator

Niels has a master's degree in Information-Technology Management and a Bachelor in Business Communication. His role at Dynaway is to optimize internal processes and oversee development and implementation projects to create greater value for the business as well as for our customers.

When not working, Niels is playing football ⚽, hangs out with friends and plays the guitar – in general, he loves being active and learning new things to challenge himself.