presale support increase

Gain support during initial sales phase

Customers are highly motivated during presales since they have high expectations for the product and its performance.

Typically, they have requirements regarding performance and workflows, and they need to understand how those requirements are met therefore a thorough preparation is crucial.

Dynaway offers "Partner Presale" services in order to support our partners during the initial sales phase.

Use this service when you have a customer considering to buy and implement Dynaway EAM.

This service is available in 3 different variations:

Online Presale Demo (4 hours)

  • Preparation/interview document
  • 90 minutes online demo
  • Follow-up
Price: $ 999

On-site Presale Demo (24 hours)

  • Preparation call with the customer
  • Import of customer data (examples)
  • 1-day onsite deep-dive demo
  • Follow-up
Price: $ 5,790 + Direct Travel Costs

Proof of Concept (POC) Presale (56 hours)

  • Preparation call with the customer
  • Import of customer data (examples)
  • 3,5 day onsite POC workshop (2 days training, 1-day process analysis, 0,5 day data migration analysis
  • Follow-up
Price: $ 13,990 + Direct Travel Costs
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Benefits of our services

  • Providing extensive knowledge of the product

  • Experience with numerous similar end-customers and similar projects

  • Ensuring a smooth presales process

  • Very thorough preparation to understand the customer workflows and performance

Prerequisites/ Terms of Delivery

Payment is in full upfront. Purchased Service is valid 6 months, after this, costs are lost.

Interactions are scheduled through consultants calendar.Normal Operating Hours are GMT+1, MON-FRI 8-16.

Documentation is not included. The customer has filled out the interview form, which is distributed in due time before the meeting.