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Interested in giving feedback on one of our solutions?

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Usability and UX

At Dynaway, we are continuously working on improving the User Onboarding experience to enable our customers to implement and set up the software as smoothly as possible. In an effort to enhance our User Onboarding process, we’re looking for people who may be interested in trying out our EAM for Business Central and giving feedback and their thoughts after using it. 

Ideal participants  

We are looking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud Users within Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Energy or Natural Resource industries, working with Equipment Maintenance Operations.

Interested in participating?   

If you would be interested in participating in our upcoming product usability research, fill in this form.

If you have any questions and would like to learn more about research, contact:  egs@dynaway.com 

Research Information

1. What will I be doing in a usability study?

You will be asked to do several short tasks after installing EAM for Business Central. You will also be asked questions about your experience and perceptions of the Onboarding & Setup Process.


 2. How long is a session?

 One hour 

 3. When and where? 

The study will be held remotely via an online platform.