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July Release

Resource management and planning processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Dynaway EAM

Explore the improvements we have been working on in the past three months within Dynaway EAM for Business Central.

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In this exciting webinar, our team showcased the latest advancements in Enterprise Asset Management, with a particular focus on the Scheduling Board and Maintenance Tasks. We introduced a new Power App for Asset Management, allowing technicians to work efficiently. Additionally, we unveiled the Asset Responsibility Centers, offering a way to operate multiple business units and resources effectively.

The Scheduling Board underwent a significant makeover, providing a more user-friendly and efficient experience. Users can now easily switch objects between resources and external contractors, ensuring smoother planning. Grouping methods have been enhanced, allowing users to group resources by work type or Asset Responsibility Center.

Filtering options have been expanded, providing greater control over the displayed information. Progress bars have been added to work orders, displaying completion status. Resource workload info shows resource capacity and overbooked status in real time.

Users can now easily move and re-plan objects with visual indicators highlighting connected work orders. A new printing option enables users to create PDFs of the current view, making it convenient for offline reference.

We have exciting plans for future releases, including updates for purchases, improvements to responsibility centers, and the introduction of a workload execution pilot app.

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Thank you for joining us in this journey of Enterprise Asset Management excellence!

 We believe these advancements can revolutionize your resource management and planning processes.



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