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Fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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USD / Month / User Renewed Annually
EUR / Month / User Renewed Annually
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DKK / Month / User Renewed Annually

The Starter plan has all the features to start optimizing your maintenance operations. The plan is free forever and includes two users and a maximum of 125 assets.

$ 145
USD / Month / User Paid Annually
EUR / Month / User Paid Annually
kr. 970
DKK / Month / User Paid Annually
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The Premium plan includes all the great features from Essentials, but also includes a set of premium features to further maximize Return on Equipment and profitability.

$ 35
USD / Month / User Paid Annually
EUR / Month / User Paid Annually
kr. 220
DKK / Month / User Paid Annually
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The Light User is designed for individuals who execute fundamental maintenance tasks. It comes with a set of pre-defined Permission Sets and is often used with our available Power Apps. Review the functionality HERE.
Assisted Setup Use our step-by-step guide in-app for installation and configuration quickly
Seamless Data Integration Out-of-the box integrations with Business Central
Information Management Access and store all documentation in one place
Asset Management Organize and manage your asset registry and track costs and activities
Maintenance Management Create and execute preventive & corrective maintenance, inspections, and requests
Analytics & Reporting Make informed decisions based on key metrics
Scheduling and Planning Schedule and plan activities and workloads effectively
Integration with Manufacturing Align maintenance and production activities
Condition-based Maintenance Auto-trigger maintenance based on external data parameters
Maintenance Invoicing Re-invoice maintenance costs internally or invoice end-customers
Maintenance Budgets Financial overview of forecasted costs in multiple budgets/scenarios
Maintenance Strategies Create and review maintenance strategies for individual assets
Safe Work Ensure a safer work environment
+USD $20 user/month +EUR €20 user/month +DKK kr.150 user/month
Tool Crib Track and manage tools
+USD $5 user/month +EUR €5 user/month +DKK kr.40 user/month
Signature Additional user-authentication for critical operations
+USD $5 user/month +EUR €5 user/month +DKK kr.40 user/month

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Frequently asked questions


  • Do all licensed Business Central users need a licensed Dynaway EAM user?

    You only need a Dynaway EAM user license for the users who need to operate in Dynaway EAM.  

    However, all Dynaway Essential and Dynaway Premium users must also have either a Business Central Essential or Premium user license. 

    A Dynaway Light user must have minimum a Business Central Team Member user license - depending on the operations the user need to perform in Dynaway EAM. 
  • How do I know whether the Dynaway EAM users need a full Business Central Essential or Premium user license or a Business Central Team Member user license?

    The Dynaway Essential and Dynaway Premium users must have either a Business Central Essential or Business Central Premium user license to access available functionalities. 

    The Dynaway Light user has limited functionality and is designed for asset technicians that need to perform basic/specific operations, such as executing work orders. Often the Dynaway Light user only needs a Business Central Team Member user license. 

    To help we have pre-defined Permission Sets for the Dynaway Light User, which are purposed to fit within a Business Central Team Member license. Each Permission Set allows the Dynaway Light user to fit within a Business Central Team Member user license.  

    If your users need to combine multiple Permission Sets to gain the required functionality, then we recommend assigning them either a Business Central Essential or Business Central Premium user license. 

    Find an overview of the Dynaway Light user's functionality and Permission Sets here.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Dynaway has designed the pre-defined Permission Sets as a help for end-users, but we do not guarantee it is compliant with Microsoft licensing. Dynaway is not liable for end-users being incompliant with Microsoft licensing under any circumstances. 

  • Can Dynaway Essential and Dynaway Premium be mixed?

    No, you cannot mix Dynaway Essential users and Dynaway Premium users. Dynaway Light users can be combined with both.
  • Does our staff need a Dynaway EAM user license to create Maintenance Requests?

    Business Central users that must create Maintenance Requests can do so without a Dynaway user license. The person, however, must have a Business Central user license. We offer a simplified and user-friendly Power App for mobile devices to easily create Maintenance Requests.

    We recommend contacting your Business Central partner to discuss the use of Business Central Team Member or Device licenses. Or find one of our accomplished and trusted partners at our Partner Directory.

  • Is the Dynaway Starter license free forever?

    When you download Dynaway EAM from the AppSource it is possible to register to get a Starter license and it will automatically be assigned to your installation. Just follow these few steps.

    The Starter license is free forever, but the license will expire every year 31st December. You must contact Dynaway to get an extension for another 12 months. A Starter license applies to one Business Central environment/database.

    The Starter license includes 2 users and a limitation of 125 assets. It has all the functionality to set up Dynaway EAM and use the core functionalities except the visual scheduling boards.



    Contact Dynaway to upgrade to a paid subscription plan.
  • Does the Dynaway Power Apps require separate Microsoft licensing?

    Yes, for users to utilize the Dynaway Power Apps, they must be licensed properly from Microsoft. We recommend checking with your Microsoft partner for current pricing and licensing guides.

Invoicing & Payment

  • What is the commitment period and invoice period for a Dynaway subscription?

    The initial committed subscription period is "rest of calendar year" and the subscription start date will always be the 1st in the month. After the initial commitment period, the committed subscription period is 12 months.

    The first invoice will therefore be prorated to the next January 1st to align with calendar year. The next invoice will cover 12 months from January 1st to December 31st.

    The subscription will auto-renew with additional 12 months if notice of termination has not been provided in writing to or your Dynaway account manager at least 90 days prior to renewal.

  • How do I buy and pay for Dynaway EAM inside Business Central?

    We are exclusively selling our software licenses through our accomplished and trusted Resellers.

    We kindly ask you to visit our Partner Directory to find your preferred Reseller or submit our Quote Request Form to get in touch with a Dynaway representative, who will be reaching out to match you with the right Reseller and subscription plan.

    All invoices will therefore be issued by and paid to your preferred Dynaway Reseller.

  • Can I adjust the number of users within my subscription period?

    It is always possible to add users or add-on modules to the subscription during your active subscription period. The invoice will be prorated to align with existing  subscription at next renewal date.

    You cannot remove users during your active subscription period, but it can be adjusted at the renewal date.  Please notify your Reseller or Dynaway directly at at least 90 days prior to renewal.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    We will match Microsoft's discount for non-profit organizations on a case-by-case approach.


  • Can we access Dynaway EAM through mobile devices?

    Yes. Dynaway EAM utilizes the standard Business Central mobile app, and we have also developed a series of Microsoft Power Apps for the most common operations performed on mobile devices to provide an improved user experience on mobile devices. 

    Be aware Business Central Team Member user licenses may need additional licensing from Microsoft to utilize the Power Apps, and we suggest talking to your Microsoft partner.


  • Can I install Dynaway EAM in an On-Premise Business Central installation?

    No. We are exclusively developing Dynaway EAM for Business Central SaaS.
  • Does Dynaway EAM work offline?

  • How quickly can we implement Dynaway EAM?

    Dynaway EAM is built as a true extension to Business Central, which also allows for a quick installation and configuration. All the setup can be done within days and weeks rather than months.

    It does, however, depend on how well-defined your maintenance processes are. If you are not able to input the required data during the configuration steps, then you will have to spend time internally to find answers.

    Usually we see a time-to-Go-Live within a month.


  • Where can I download the Dynaway EAM applications?

    You can download it directly from Microsoft AppSource. We offer a range of different applications, which must be downloaded, installed, and configured to achieve the full functionality of Dynaway EAM according to your subscription plan. The base application is called "Dynaway EAM."
  • How do I configure the different Dynaway applications?

    All applications come with a step-by-step guide (called Assisted Setup), which takes you through the configuration. 

    You can visit our YouTube playlists to see a short video on how to access the Assisted Setup guides for each application. 

    If you have any questions, then please contact your preferred Dynaway Reseller or
  • How do we learn how to use Dynaway EAM?

    We recommend visiting our extensive online documentation platform; Dynaway Help. It will answer most of your questions and provide how-to guides. 


    We also provide deep-dive videos on the key features in our Video Library


    You are always welcome to reach out to our product support team at or reach out to your preferred Reseller for training or product support questions.