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Effective maintenance planning is essential to the overall maintenance environment

Dynaway EAM for Business Central makes maintenance planning and scheduling easier and more efficient. Create work orders cards, maintenance sequences, assign work orders, track resources and tools, spare parts, and other important information. Determine maintenance priorities and ensure that all maintenance is completed on time.

Work Order Template

Plan your Work Orders: on a Work Order Template, add problem overview, instructions,  work order type and category. Easily add resources (workers and hours expected to complete the job) and work order items (spare parts).

Work Order Template simple-1-1



Calendar Planning


Maintenance Planning

Create work order frequencies and maintenance sequences on Asset Categories or individual Assets based on calendar or counters.

Create Preventive Maintenance schedules to optimize your equipment for uptime or one-off work orders to address Condition-based maintenance.

Counter Based Maintenance

Counter based maintenance is type of preventive maintenance when counter readings are used to create work orders for routine maintenance.

In Dynaway EAM for Business Central, you can set up counter categories (e.g. running hours) and link them to your Assets.

Set up Counter Readings that can automatically trigger Work Orders: e.g. create Work Order every 100 running hours. 





Counter based Maintenance




Assign Work to Worker

You can assign work orders to specific worker or worker group (mechanics, electricians).

EAM resources and work order scheduling is integrated with standard Business Central resources functionality.


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