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Streamline asset management and maintenance operations using the powerful solutions built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

20+ years in Asset Management sphere
Microsoft acquires EAM for D365 known as Microsoft Asset Management
Over 80 Features for Microsoft AM
Mobile Client Empower staff to boost safety and efficiency
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Dynaway Mobile EAM

Execute work from mobile devices – online and offline

The Dynaway Mobile Client is a dedicated client for the Maintenance Worker. With the mobile client, your maintenance team will have all the relevant information from Microsoft Asset Management available when they need to do their work. It allows your workers to report progress on work orders in real-time, consume spare parts, and quickly and efficiently complete work orders on-site.


Work order execution
Register items and time consumption
Access the assets information& event history
Take pictures and add them to the requests or work orders
Offline mode capabilities
Review the requests and create work orders from them


Hear what out Customer from Food & Beverage Industry has to say about Mobile Client


A leading Food & Beverage customer emphasized the critical need for a mobile solution that seamlessly processes work orders on iPads. The success of their asset management efforts hinged on the usability of this solution, ensuring mechanics felt comfortable and proficient. Their positive experience confirms the effectiveness and reliability of our mobile solutions in demanding industry environments.



Advanced Asset Management

Advanced Asset Management is a natural extension of Microsoft Asset Management.

It contains 80 features (and growing) our customers often miss in the Microsoft Asset Management module. In our experience, almost any company utilizing Microsoft AM will find elements in this extension valuable.
  • Automatically create a related work order based on the input from a checklist.
  • Tool Crib - check tools in and out
  • Ensure compliance using checklists and work permits
  • Bundling spare parts from multiple work orders into kits
  • Transfer assets between legal entities
  • Control manual lifecycle state changes for assets, functional locations, work orders, and requests. 
Asset Management Analytics

Analyze maintenance data using Power BI

Asset Management Analytics is a highly customizable set of dashboards and reports designed to answer the most commonly asked questions by your Maintenance Managers and Maintenance Workers. Some default dashboards are: Executive KPIs, Work Order Closure Rate, Fault Follow-up, Request Overview, Late Work Orders, and Mean Time Between Failure.

Enhance workplace safety and risk management

Ensure a safer working environment, compliant with regulations with Work Permits, LO/TO, and Risk Assessment.

Create and manage work permits - prevent workers from starting Work Orders before they have a valid Work Permit. Create and manage tagouts on work orders, assets, and functional locations.
  • Ensure compliance using checklists and work permits
  • Create Lockouts and Tagouts when carrying out maintenance on potentially dangerous equipment
Planning Board

Manage asset activities in an interactive calendar

The Planning board is used for drag-and-drop scheduling of unscheduled work order lines to workers or worker teams. Planners, supervisors, and managers can schedule and reschedule work order lines on the Mobile Client. Scheduling is updated in real-time.

Additional Add-on Modules

Contractor Management

Manage contractors used in your company and assign them to work orders automatically. From the Contractors overview, you can open related purchase orders and work orders. When creating a work order, you can set up contractors to be automatically assigned to a work order and view contractor information on assets.

Advanced Maintenance Checklists

Dynaway Advanced Maintenance Checklists is a new module which adds advanced functionality to maintenance checklists in Asset Management. With Advanced Maintenance Checklists you can e.g.set up actions for checklist lines, review failed checklist lines or add checklist templates to work orders.

Data Manipulation Toolbox

Dynaway Data Manipulation Toolbox is a new module which helps maintain existing setup of Asset Management. You can e.g. rename functional location identifiers, edit existing maintenance job type defaults record or change work order lifecycle model on a selected work order type.

Electronic Signatures

Dynaway's Electronic Signature for Assets uses the electronic signature functionality built into Finance & Operations. It allows users to sign and view an electronic signature and review electronic signatures on an asset.

Maintenance Insights

Dynaway Maintenance Insights is a set of features which enables you to get insights into your setup of asset management. Currently with maintenance insights you can get an overview of Batch processes related to maintenance, Maintenance jobs, Maintenance workers set up and Security roles.

Maintenance Strategy

Dynaway Maintenance Strategy is a set of features which enables you to get insights into your setup preventive maintenance for assets. Currently with maintenance strategy you can get an overview of Current maintenance strategy for your assets and Preventive maintenance, a great overview of details of preventive maintenance set up for a selected asset.

Dynaway Maintenance Data Import (MDI)

This new functionality provides users with an ability to work on counter registrations that have been generated by 3rd party providers within Finance and Operations by importing them into the system. At the moment, MDI can import only counter-related data from Azure file share but can be easily extended to import other kinds of data from other storages.
Add-on Module: Contarctor management
Add-on Module: Advanced Maintenance Checklists
Add-on Module: Manipulation Toolbox
Add-on Module: Electronic signatures
Add-on Module: Maintenance insights
Add-on Module: Maintenance Strategy
Add-on Module: Maintenance Data Import
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