Techo-Bloc is a Concrete Paver & Masonry Manufacturer & Supplier with three production facilities in Canada and five new leading-edge plants in the USA. Design aficionados at heart, Techo-Bloc is known for elevating exterior design by creating landscape stones that push the boundaries of functionality, durability and aesthetics. Their products span lifetimes are engineered to endure even the harshest weather. The most diverse collection of landscape stone styles, textures and colors transform any backyard or front yard, into a spectacular setting.

Victrex implement Dynaway EAM

Techo-Bloc has implemented Dynaway EAM system in 2014 through Dynaway premier partner from US - Edgewater FullScope. Enterprise Asset Management system helped Techo-Bloc with optimizing maintenance processes and reducing down time as well as reducing maintenance cost in general.