Nammo chooses time registration from Dynaway

One of Europe’s most highly specialized military suppliers has replaced its aging time registration system with an intelligent solution from Dynaway. The Dynaway BLUE solution is fully integrated with the Shop Floor Control module for Microsoft Dynamics AX, providing Nammo with much better insight into their employees’ use of materials and time. The results are greater efficiency, more production time and far fewer manual entry errors.

Security is of the utmost importance for Nammo, the Norwegian-Finnish corporation that produces special ammunition systems and space propulsion products, as well as providing environmentally friendly demilitarization services. Nammo has production units across the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. Security demands were equally high when Nammo chose a new time registration system to replace an older solution that was no longer compatible with the corporate ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX. A careful review of the market narrowed the field to Dynaway BLUE from Dynaway in Denmark, the only product to meet all of Nammo’s stringent selection criteria.

Jan-Erik Stenström is ERP Team Manager with responsibility for seven Nammo production units.

“We selected one of our production units that has more than 250 employees as the test site for the new time registration solution,” explains Jan-Erik Stenström. “Expectations were very high, as our old system was taking up more and more valuable production time. Dynaway BLUE made the decision easy. We now have a system that is extremely flexible and efficient – and as far as I know is second to none on the market. The uptime in Dynaway’s solution is incredibly high - almost 100 per cent – and that makes a big difference to us.”

Nammo’s new time registration solution is a comprehensive system that enables staff to register as much information as possible about their use of time and materials. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures that all data entries on mobile terminals throughout the company are immediately registered in the finance system, which makes management of purchasing, resource allocation and staff time very precise.

All production orders are initiated in Nammo’s master planning system, and once an order is underway, staff digitally check in and out of the various production processes as the order progresses. Manual data entries and the consequent possibility of error have been replaced by a user interface that uses familiar icons from the Windows platform. This results in far less manual follow-up.

“Every member of our staff can see their own production order and time used on individual tasks on a daily basis. They can also draw on their flextime accounts and register when they are absent without filling out anything manually. This will save us a lot of time when Dynaway BLUE is fully implemented. We plan on introducing the system at six other production units which also use Microsoft Dynamics AX. This way, the advantages accrue across the entire company, and we get invaluable help in optimizing time and material consumption in our various production units.”

- JanErik Stenström

Nammo will run a total of 55 terminals. All staff will use a personal ID card to check in and out of the system, which contains information on all staff members. Registration is automatic, also when there is no online connection to the ERP server. This allows the IT system to run updates without disabling time entries or stock transactions.

“We are really happy with Dynaway BLUE. Dynaway has also proved to be a very flexible supplier whenever we want to customize the standard solution. Some of our adaptations will be part of future Dynaway BLUE releases, so we feel that we have had a lot of influence on the solution.”


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