Manufacturing Execution with Dynaway BLUE

IdealCombi develops, manufactures and sells high-quality windows and doors made of wood, and combined wood-aluminum. When the company decided to replace its legacy ERP system with Dynamics AX, the requirement from day one was that MES should be an integral part of the ERP project.

A multitude of different although integrated systems on the factory floor should be replaced by one common platform providing functionality for time and attendance, job registration, electronic work instructions, quality assurance, equipment maintenance, performance management and PLC communication.

“With Dynaway BLUE in combination with Dynamics AX we are in complete control real-time. Feed-back from the factory floor, whether manually from employees or automatic from PLCs, goes directly into the ERP system, providing us with instant insight into ongoing productions. And when making changes to productions already running, the path from planning to the physical PLCs is not through a multitude of software systems.”

- Arne Burlund, IT Manager


From a management perspective the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) module in Dynaway BLUE was a key component in their decision for Dynaway BLUE. The OEE module replaces the classic spreadsheets containing historical performance data with a real-time display of availability, performance and quality KPI’s for specific resources.


The user-interface seen on the terminals on the factory-floor is typically very clearly designed by software engineers: Character based, flooded with data and without any resemblance with modern graphical user-interfaces.

“Over the last couple of years there has been a major shift with respect to attitude towards IT on the factory floor. Today many of our employees master advanced smartphones without any prior education and easily extend their devices with new applications. We wanted to encourage the same attitude on the factory floor by providing a modern intuitive UI optimized for the processes and mobile nature of using IT on the factory floor. And Dynaway BLUE does exactly that with its touch and module-based UI.”

- Arne Burlund, IT Manager


With huge investments in advanced machinery at IdealCombi over the last years, the maintenance, repair and operations discipline is key to ensuring high availability and efficiency. With Dynaway Preventative Maintenance and Dynaway BLUE, the maintenance discipline can be pushed systematically all the way to the machine operator and thereby reduce the burden on the internal maintenance department.


Calculating the total-cost-of-ownership of a manufacturing execution system consisting of several independent pieces of software for time, quality, performance, PLC communication etc. and several integration points to the backend ERP system can be close to impossible. The equation includes lots of hidden recurring costs for maintaining data integrity among the different systems, handling upgrade and version conflicts and constantly educating new employees in operating different software with different UI’s.

With one integrated Dynamics AX based solution IdealCombi has a much more transparent TCO and can maintain a constant focus on providing business value instead of struggling with integration challenges.

“At IdealCombi we will eventually deploy 110 touchterminals running Dynaway BLUE throughout our 860,000 square feet production facility. We have about 1 mile from one end of the factory to the other, so ensuring that a terminal is always within reach is also a part of our effort to constantly optimize processes on the factory floor.”


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