Asset Service Management keeps air clean at Dantherm

As a global leader in air treatment solutions for a broad range of industries, Dantherm believes that clean air is a necessity for good performance – for people as well as electronic equipment. However, the company itself is now breathing easier due to its Asset Service Management solution from Dynaway, which keeps track of Dantherm’s service agreements and repairs worldwide.

Asset Service Management keeps air clean at Dantherm

Among the world’s biggest

Dantherm A/S has built a profitable business on an idea as simple as clean air. The publicly traded Danish company keeps air clean in environments that span from public swimming pools to telecom switching cabinets, process industries, wine cellars and auto repair shops.

Besides being clean, air must also contain exactly the right of amount of moisture and have the right temperature to create optimal conditions for both people and electronics. Clean air has been Dantherm’s business and research focus since the company was established in 1958 in Skive, Denmark.


Back in 1958 Dantherm operated only in Denmark. Today, the company founded and built by E.R. Olsen has become a multinational corporation with 95% of its sales outside Denmark, and production units and distribution in many countries throughout the world. Dantherm was a pioneer in regulating temperatures inside the switching cabinets located next to mobile telephone masts, and the company is still one of the top three or four players in this segment worldwide.

According to Henrik Hersted, After Sales Support Manager at Dantherm A/S, excellent Asset Service Management for telecom operators plays a key role in his company’s success.

“The telecom share of our business has grown dramatically. Mast electronics and switching systems need exactly the right temperature and humidity to function optimally. There is quite a bit of maintenance involved, as well as contingency plans for emergencies, and these are some of the things we keep track of with our Asset Service Management solution from Dynaway.

The Asset Service Management solution was added on top of our Microsoft finance system. Integration between the two systems gives us a good overview of our service technicians and the spare parts they need in the field – and this really makes a difference since we have sold more than half a million air conditioners to mast operators around the world.”

Predicting optimal performance

Henrik Hersted’s After Sales Department has more than 25 employees and is responsible for handling claims and orders for spare parts, documentation, training customers and partners, and a service department that repairs Dantherm equipment worldwide. Job planning and allocation of spare parts were previously done manually on paper.

Now, everything is done electronically with the Dynaway Asset Service Management solution. The system knows how to assign the right service technicians to the most difficult jobs as well as optimize travel logistics so technicians handle as many calls as possible per day, per region.

“Of course, we want to keep track of the repairs that we do,” says Henrik Hersted. “But the system also gives us information about previous repairs on the same equipment. This service history is important, as it allows us to predict what the equipment will need to perform optimally. We can also see how many hours and which spare parts were used on a job, and this is automatically registered in our finance system so we can invoice the customer. Improving our efficiency makes us more competitive, so the Dynaway solution has become an important part of our business.”

- Henrik Hersted

From arctic to tropical

Electronics need to operate within a stable temperature range to perform optimally. No matter the complexity of the many different Dantherm systems, they all have a common goal: keeping electronics running by using as little energy and as much natural cooling as possible.

The solutions must work in all kinds of climates, ranging from arctic to tropical as well as temperate areas, such as Denmark, where there can be considerable temperature fluctuations during summer. Other environments, such as food processing plants or public indoor swimming pools, have other uses for Dantherm equipment that could include maintaining very dry or very humid air. Thus, providing the right kind of service is crucial.

“We need the right people with the necessary experience as well as a regular service schedule with calls spaced throughout the year. And then we have to be able to handle emergency calls. The Asset Service Management solution helps us distribute our regular service calls over the entire year so we don’t end up overloaded in December or with nothing to do in March. It also makes it much easier for us to plan our long-term capacity in the service department.”

- Henrik Hersted


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