DAKA keeps time with Dynaway

Staff at Denmark’s only large-scale renderer have for many years kept track of their hours with a come-and-go system whose time literally had come and gone. Daka a.m.b.a. has now switched to an intelligent solution from Dynaway that is fully integrated with the corporate ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX. This has given employees better insight into their working hours, absences and vacations. The result is increased efficiency and improved administrative flexibility.

“We were looking for a solution that had a nice look and feel – and something that would not become outdated anytime soon. But we couldn’t find anything on the market that met our requirements.”

- Tom Andersen, CFO of Daka Group

Quantum leap forward

Put simply, Daka a.m.b.a. is the “garbage can” of Danish slaughterhouses and farms. Everything not fit for human consumption ends up at Daka rendering plants around the country. Post-slaughter residues from cattle, pigs and other animals do, however, contain large amounts of protein, which can be extracted and become an important component in animal feed as meal or fat.

Since slaughterhouses and farmers have no choice but to get rid of these waste products, Daka receives an average of 15,000 tons of raw material per week. The restaurant industry also sends food scraps and cooking oil to Daka for recycling. After strict quality control, everything ends up either as feed ingredients for fish, poultry or mink, as incinerator-ready waste (meal) or, after further processing, biodiesel for export.


With 255 employees and annual revenues of more than DKK 700 million, it makes good sense for the company to keep track of employee hours. Daka previously made use of an old system in which a tiny LCD display showed a bare minimum of information when staff checked in or out. This has now been replaced with a modern touch-screen solution from Dynaway. The solution is easy to use and provides unprecedented opportunities for user interaction.

“After a thorough review of what vendors had to offer, we finally found Dynaway BLUE from Dynaway right here in Denmark. This was the only solution on the market that matched our requirements. In terms of design, the Dynaway solution is a quantum leap forward. At the same time, the terminals are so closely integrated with our ERP system that all employee entries are automatically posted in the correct journals. This makes it efficient to administer pay as well as vacation and absentence registrations. Also, our employees find the solution intuitive and easy to use. That was what we wanted to achieve.”

Part of a future-proof solution

Dynaway BLUE is the fruit of Dynaway’s longstanding development of time and attendance registration solutions based on the Microsoft platform. The user interface is familiar to PC users. And, to make the solution even easier to use, Daka staff are equipped with small RFID chips that act as employee ID.

The choice was easy

Daka made its decision after a study trip to another Dynaway customer, Eurofins in Vejen, Denmark. Implementation took place in close dialogue with production managers from all the Daka factories around the country.

“It was vital that production managers play an active role in the decision-making process. These are the people who dealt with the challenges of the old system that no longer met our needs and wants. Once we spotted Dynaway BLUE, and saw it working at Eurofins, the choice was easy. We now have a system that is highly efficient and flexible, and there is nothing better on the market as far as I know.”

- Tom Andersen

Behind the scenes with Dynaway BLUE at DAKA

The time solution allows employees to register as much information about their use of time as possible. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures that all entries on mobile terminals throughout the company are registered immediately in the financial system, making management of employee time very precise. Clocking in and out takes place via RFID tags, a personal ID card that contains information about each employee. Registration is automatic, even if there is no online connection to the ERP server, so the IT system is much easier to update than previously – without compromising time entries.

All employees can enter their own vacations and absent days into Dynaway BLUE. Since all entries are recorded directly into the ERP system, vacation payrolls are automatically paid four weeks prior to scheduled vacations.


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