Dynaway EAM ensures the future of biodiesel

The outbreak of mad cow disease in the 1990s and EU requirements for biodiesel paved the way for Daka Biodiesel’s success. As one of the few plants in the world, the company produces biodiesel from animal byproducts, a process that requires sophisticated equipment. Daka Biodiesel has chosen a Dynaway EAM solution from Dynaway, in Denmark, to help maintain its plant. The solution gives Daka Biodiesel complete maintenance overview of its complex production machinery, resulting in less downtime and a better bottom line. 

“We spent a long time investigating various options available on the market before choosing Dynaway EAM. Among other factors, complete integration with our existing ERP was important. And as we didn’t want to try our luck with smaller systems, we went with the safe choice, Dynaway.”

- Eric Mansig, Manager Daka

Quantum leap forward

That is the explanation behind factory manager Eric Mansig’s decision to choose a maintenance solution for Daka Biodiesel’s production facility, an impressive plant located next to a busy Danish highway. The company is only two years old, but managed to earn DKK 8 million in its first year of operations. The healthy bottom line attests to strong market demand for biodiesel, and 2009 will be just as good.

The EU requires that seven percent of all diesel consumed within member states must be biodiesel by the middle of 2011. If economic conditions continue to develop in Daka Biodiesel’s favor, then it should be possible to increase production from its current level of 55 million liters per year to the double.

Extracting biodiesel from animal byproducts is a unique process mastered by just a handful of companies worldwide. The sophisticated plant, reminiscent of a dairy in appearance, is extremely expensive. It was therefore natural for the company to ensure consistent and thorough maintenance of the entire production apparatus.

“We want to minimize sudden maintenance events and optimize scheduled maintenance programs,” says Erik Mansig. “This is why we implemented Dynaway EAM. It helps us optimize maintenance costs, and it uses a very detailed plan that continually indicates which components need service or maintenance. The solution also allows us to pool maintenance tasks so we minimize the number of long production stops. It’s like giving the entire plant an extra lube job. Everything integrates with our inventory and ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX. This integration has taught us a lot of things that we think will ultimately help the rest of the Daka Group.”


“The solution gathers information for us, so we are getting better and better at maintaining our production facilities. This is true of the many pumps that keep everything circulating through the plant. We get information about which repairs we have made on individual pumps, and even though we have only been operating for a few years, we are building a knowledge base that enables us to predict what the equipment needs to perform optimally.”

Eric Mansig is convinced that Dynaway EAM means money on the bottom line. But it is too early to know just how much. “Our facility is a turnkey plant from Austria. Since everything is still brand new, it will take a while before we really can begin to calculate savings due the Dynaway EAM solution.

But even a single day of downtime is very expensive for us, so I am quite sure that the solution will pay for itself in time,” concludes Eric Mansig.


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