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Asset-intensive industries such as Mining, Utilities, and Forestry have a great challenge in keeping expensive machinery running smoothly all the time. You depend very much on asset efficiency and reliability to keep a profitable business.
Increasing costs, aging equipment, and changes in environmental / safety / technical regulations require your company's full attention in order to keep a competitive edge.

Digital transformation can help your business retain that competitive edge by increasing productivity and providing easily available and valuable data about the status of your machinery.

Shift your focus

Improve reliability of your equipment and reduce downtime.

Shift your focus

$260,000 per hour lost

Average downtime costs according to decision makers in Field service and Service management.*

65% of respondents

From the Energy and Utilities sector believe downtime leads to losing customers' trust. It is critical that high-profile incidents or disasters are avoided.*

70% of the companies

Lack awareness of which assets require maintenance and how frequently.*

* Vanson Bourne, After The Fall: Cost, Causes and Consequences of Unplanned Downtime.

Safety first!

“The authorities are requiring more information than ever. Despite the fact that we have won awards for safety – or maybe because of it – they’re digging deeper than ever in their on-site inspections too, but with the Dynaway solution, we have good records of safety issues that have been identified and what we did to correct them to show the inspectors.” -  Andy Jordan, procurement manager, Luck Stone


Powerful Mobile Client

The mobile EAM client is a comprehensive offline capable client that supports a very wide variety of processes related to work order execution. It allows you to collect vital information even offline while in remote locations and sites.


Advanced cost control & Power BI

Do you know which assets are costing you the most money? Want to have business analytics with customized dashboards to get a full overview of your business? Turn your data into a powerful tool to transform your business.


Preventive Maintenance

Do you want to improve machine effectiveness by leveraging preventive maintenance capabilities? Gain visibility into product performance and enable workflows to respond to changing conditions? A Dynaway EAM solution can put you in the front seat and reduce your maintenance budget.


EAM and IoT

In an asset-intensive industry, it is important to track your asset performance in real time. Our EAM solution includes IoT setup to accumulate data and show you a throughput of, for example, tonnes produced per hour.


Predictive Maintenance

Do you lack efficient tools for identifying performance issues? Predictive maintenance can provide analytics to predict failures before they occur, giving the ability to react at the right time.

On your site, the reliability of equipment is vital. We can help you minimize your production costs and machine downtime, allowing you to focus on keeping your deadlines with the customers.


Luck stone

Dynaway EAM puts the power back where it belongs – with Luck Stone users. Read how Dynaway helped Luckstone to improve its maintenance through IoT.

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Pattern Energy

Pattern Energy is a U.S. based independent renewable energy company, working on finding new opportunities within the wind, solar, transmission, storage, and advanced energy technologies.

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Dynaway EAM Mobile Client

Watch a short video about our offline capable EAM Mobile solution and its functionality.

Why choose Dynaway?

Dynaway have cooperated closely with Microsoft® for more than 15 years. Our solutions are fully integrated with other Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics® AX modules like inventory, purchasing, project, HR etc. Our customers are located all over the world across various industries. With industry-tailored solutions from Dynaway, we give you the power to focus on key aspects of your business: Maximizing productivity and profitability while minimizing costs.

Our powerful EAM Mobile solution has been the key differentiator for our customers: ''We looked over a lot of different solutions, and Dynaway was the obvious frontrunner. EAM Mobile was easy to understand, easy to use, and it required far fewer clicks to navigate. '' – Kelly Kane, Manager of Information Systems, Algood Food.

Let us help you go further by getting your maintenance organization in shape. Then you can concentrate on your main focus – getting things done, making a profitable business, and keeping those customers happy.

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Sarah Patthoff

IT generalist, Luck Stone

”Before we were even done reviewing a plant, the work orders had been created, and the items that needed to be fixed were already being worked on. What used to be a tedious process, now shows results in just one day.”

Andy Jordan

procurement manager, Luck Stone

”Every person we spoke to from Dynaway was passionate, competent and well-informed, and that shows in the solution we implemented.”

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Drop us a line and tell us about your challenges. We’re always available for a demo and a discussion on how you can move your business further with Dynaway EAM.