Dynaway EAM –

An Enterprise Asset Management System.

The EAM/CMMS module from Dynaway is the de facto standard for Enterprise Asset Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a seamless integration to finance, inventory, procurement, projects and production.


Maintenance management is all about optimizing maintenance processes to reduce down time and overall maintenance costs. But all too often maintenance management is also about procurement, inventory and other processes that ought to be handled in other parts of your organization.

With the EAM module from Dynaway we give you the power to focus on what is at the heart of enterprise asset management: Cost effective maintenance processes that continuously bring down equipment down time.          

  • Up to 50% reduction in maintenance overtime, labor, and contractor costs
  • 20% reduction in maintenance material costs
  • 20% reduction in production downtime
  • 5% reduction in new equipment costs
  • 50% increase in warranty cost recovery
  • 50% reduction in purchasing process costs

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