17 Minute Video Demo of EAM for Business Central

In this video you will see all of the basic functionality of the EAM for BC.

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Additional Resources:


Documentation: help.dynaway.com

Product page: dynaway.com/eam-bc

Email: help@dynaway.com




Hi, this is Karel from Dynaway, and if you're watching this video, you're likely interested in our EAM for BC.

It's a good thing that you found this video because this is not only a demo of the system, but you can also use it as a tutorial to learn how to work with it by yourself.

After watching this video, you'll be able to work with Assets and Work Orders; you'll be able to post hours Items and expenses if you're an Asset Technician and as an Asset

Manager, you'll be able to plan future Work Orders - I'll show you how the system can create a Work Order every week - and you'll also be able to view the historical data in the

system. If you haven't done that so far before we go further, I highly recommend you going to AppSource and downloading our EAM into your BC, so that you can follow all the

steps that I'll be showing you in this video. And then, you will either need to install a demo database into the EAM - you can do that with a click of a button on our license page

or you can go into assisted set up and set up the system the way that you want it to be.

And now let's get into it!

Dynaway's EAM for BC generally consists of four essential components - Assets, Work Order Plans, Work Orders, and Posted Work Orders. These four components will help you

store the information about your Assets, plan your maintenance, execute work and collect data, and review the effectiveness of your maintenance.

The importance of each of those components will differ for you based on your position in a maintenance organization. There are two role centers for maintenance employees in

EAM for BC: Asset Manager and Asset Technician.


Access the full video trascript here

After watching the video, you should be ready to use all the basic functionality of the EAM. If you ever feel stuck, always feel free to come back to this video or visit our

documentation at help.dynaway.com. There you can read about everything that has been talked about in written form with screenshots. You can read about how to set up the

system and about additional features that have not been covered in this video.

If you have any questions, you need help with the system or if you would like to see any of those features (which have not been covered in this video) in an additional live demo, please send us an email to help@dynaway.com.