Typical Challenges for Our Customers 


Benefits of Customer Care Services


▪ Fast and efficient support

▪ Guaranteed access to Dynaway EAM consultants and specialists

▪ Proactive delivery of relevant Microsoft notifications with Dynaway recommendations

▪ Governance of Dynaway EAM updates

▪ Service Delivery Management

▪ More time to focus on your core business

▪ Accelerated adoption and productive use of Dynaway EAM

▪ Build and maintain EAM competencies

▪ Ensure that both Dynaway EAM and users are running at full speed

▪ We keep you informed, and help you plan ahead – so you can focus on what you do best

▪ No worries about unexpected bills



A portfolio of standardized service offerings that are optimized for Dynaway EAM.

Available in three tiered plans and flexible to meet your specific needs.







Customer Care Plans

Dynaway Customer Care Services for Dynaway EAM are available in three versions: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each version includes standardized services that meet typical business needs, depending on the size and complexity of your organization. The final solution can be further adapted to suit your specific business needs.


Service Desk


Product Portal

Service Requests

Platform and Application Notifications

Service Review Meetings

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Silver + (all the services specific to Gold):

Service Desk Usage Reports

Super User Support

Feature Requests

Incident Workarounds

Support of Customizations

Configuration Audit


Change Management

Bug Fix

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Silver + Gold + (all the services specific to Platinum):

Service Desk Usage Analysis

Sanity Check

Performance Analysis

Strategic Roadmap Advisory On-Site

Bug Fix

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Customer Care Plan Percentage*
Silver 3%
Gold 6%
Platinum** 12%


*Percentage of the current total value of existing licenses (based on the license fees stated in Dynaway's valid price list).

**Platinum Customer Care Plan requires a current total value of existing licenses of at least USD 100,000.


Calculation Examples

Perpetual license:

Customer Care Plan Percentage License Value Payment (monthly)
Silver 3% USD 100,000 USD 250
Gold 6% USD 100,000 USD 500
Platinum 12% USD 100,000 USD 1,000



Subscription license:

Customer Care Plan Percentage Monthly licesne (subscription) License Value*** Payment (monthly)
Silver 3% USD 3,000 USD 108,000 USD 270
Gold 6% USD 3,000 USD 108,000 USD 540
Platinum 12% USD 3,000 USD 108,000 USD 1,080


***License value is calculated as (monthly license subscription payment) x 36 (months).


Everything you need – from one experienced business partner

Dynaway's experience across ERP – and our deep IT expertise – enable us to support your Dynaway EAM solution in the best way possible: optimizing your maintenance setup and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Contact Dynaway to find out more about how we can support and optimize your Dynaway EAM implementation – or to talk about your other business needs.

To hear more about Dynaway Customer Care Services you can contact our Customer Care Manager Aldin Beganovic via email: albeg@dynaway.com or book a meeting with him:

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