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Top 5 Food Facility Violations


Top Five Food Facility Violations
From the spreadsheet data, Register Corp. has found out what were the top five food facility violations in 2018:

Sanitation Monitoring – FDA cited 188 of the 874 food facilities, which makes 21,5% , for not proper sanitation conditions and practices with sufficient frequency. Facilities are required to monitor aspects such as the safety of the water coming into contact with food or food contact surfaces, prevention of cross-contamination and maintenance of hygiene facilities.

Pest Control – FDA cited 183 food facilities (21%), for not properly excluding pests from potentially contaminating food.

Manufacturing, Processing, Packing, and Holding Controls – FDA cited 175 establishments (20%), for not implementing proper controls to mitigate the risks of food hazards, such as growth or microorganisms, allergen cross-contact and contamination of food.

Sanitary Operations and Plant-Maintenance – FDA cited 167 facilities (19%), for either not maintaining cleanliness of their facility or failing to keep them in good repair.

Personnel – And FDA issued citations to 161 food facilities (18%), for failing to take reasonable measures and precautions related to staff. Employees working in direct contact with food who fail to adhere to hygiene cleanliness requirements are included in this category.


Original article retrieved from: Food Safety News

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