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Asset Browser and Objects

When a worker selects the Objects menu item on the EAM Mobile Client, he see a list on the Objects screen of the objects related to the work orders that was assigned to him. He then can select the search button ( in the upper-right corner)  if he wants to search for other objects, which are not shown in the list.

Search for object-1

When you select an object, master data of the object is shown, as well as a History list displaying all registrations related to the object. You can add registrations or view information about:

  • Faults and production stops registered on the object
  • Requests created on the object
  • Related work orders
  • Counters registered on the object
  • Approved spare parts
  • Object BOM
  • Object specifications
  • Attachments and object documents

Search on the Objects Screen

On the Objects screen, you can search for equipment in several ways:

  • Type a search string in the text search field
  • Scan a QR code using the QR scan button
  • Select a filter on the smart filter bar


Researching on Mobile EAM functionality? You can find more about Dynaway features here

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