Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner Mini Case Study


“The unique combination of Dynaway EAM, Dynamics 365 for Operations, and Microsoft Azure allows our customers to implement the best EAM solution available for manufacturing extremely fast.” – Brian Brok-Jørgensen, Vice President of Sales, Dynaway A/S


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Dynaway has more than 15 years of experience developing enterprise asset management systems. Since the first versions of Microsoft Dynamics, Dynaway has been in close cooperation with Microsoft. Dynaway’s software is designed and developed to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. Dynaway has a long track record in developing and implementing EAM solutions in various industries.



Dynaway uses Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Flow for IoT integration, making it possible to transfer values from an IoT device into Dynaway EAM. Dynaway uses Microsoft Power BI for displaying data in its request management and work order management workspaces. Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations into Dynaway’s EAM and mobile solutions provides interoperability for setup, use, and automatic update data in the inventory, project, sales, human resources, and purchase modules.


The interoperability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations allows Dynaway to integrate its EAM and mobile solutions for customers.

The automation capabilities of Microsoft Flow enable Dynaway to transfer values from an IoT device into Dynaway EAM.



Dynaway offers solutions for CMMS/EAM.
Our Enterprise Asset Management software
includes on-premises and mobile solutions.
Some of the key elements in our
solutions are maintenance overviews,
request and work order handling,
spare parts handling, and
maintenance sequences management.

You are more than welcome to contact us for more information or read about Dynaway EAM



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