Food & Beverage

Top 5 Food Facility Violations

  Top Five Food Facility Violations From the spreadsheet data, Register Corp. has found out what were the top ...
Egle Segzdaite January 16,2019
Manufacturing, EAM

The right stuff: Asset management in manufacturing

  There’s nothing worse than starting a home improvement project and discovering midway through that you’re missing a part or a ...
Egle Segzdaite January 15,2019

Job Opening: Dynaway EAM Product Owner

  Are you looking for an international and challenging position in product management, and do you enjoy ...
Egle Segzdaite January 11,2019
Manufacturing, EAM

Transforming manufacturing with Enterprise Asset Management

  Every manufacturer has to deal with asset management and unfortunately, it’s an area that is fraught with ...
Egle Segzdaite November 26,2018

Protect your bottom line with an advanced EAM approach

Whether it’s great or not-so-good, there’s always room for improvement. While there are a variety of strategies or tactics you can ...
Egle Segzdaite November 22,2018

Dynaway to integrate EAM software into Microsoft Dynamics 365

  EG-owned Dynaway headquartered in Aalborg has done it before: sold ...
Egle Segzdaite November 12,2018

How can the process industry implement Industry 4.0?

  While manufacturing makes strides toward Industry 4.0, the process industry still ...
Egle Segzdaite October 25,2018
EAM, Events

AXUG Summit in Phoenix

  User Group Summit in Phoenix was a blast! Many thanks to our customers, partners and everyone who stopped by our booth to talk ...
Egle Segzdaite October 23,2018

AXUG Session

  This year we have gathered 80 participants at our Session about Plant Maintenance and IoT in Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX. Had a ...
Egle Segzdaite October 17,2018

Plant Maintenance and IoT

  AXUG Summit in Phoenix is starting very soon and we want to invite you to come and see our Session about Plant Maintenance and ...
Egle Segzdaite October 15,2018

AXUG 2018

As the AXUG Summit in Phoenix is approaching, we want to invite you to visit our booth #737 during the event. This year, we are bringing ...
Egle Segzdaite September 24,2018

Transform first-line worker asset management

  Today’s first-line manufacturing workers have more on their plates managing and maintaining complex machines ...
Egle Segzdaite September 18,2018

Testing HoloLens

  Augmented reality shows promise for supporting asset management processes and we at Dynaway are very excited to work with ...
Egle Segzdaite August 27,2018
EAM, Manufacturing

4 technologies that transform enterprise asset management

Introduction What does enterprise asset management (EAM) have in common with running ...
Egle Segzdaite August 22,2018

AXUG in Phoenix 2018

Dynaway to Sponsor a Dynamic Opportunity for the User Group Community – Join us at AXUG Summit Phoenix!
Egle Segzdaite August 16,2018

Digital transformation through modern EAM

The need to be a good steward of assets is not a new concept for manufacturers. For years, manufacturers have poured resources into ...
Egle Segzdaite August 7,2018

Dynaway EAM on Microsoft® AppSource

Efficient preventive maintenance, advanced spare parts management, asset history, optimized uptime, and reduced maintenance costs are just some ...
Egle Segzdaite May 28,2018

New member in our team!

It is a great pleasure to announce that we have added a member to our Dynaway team: Aldin Beganovic is now our Customer Care Manager, based in ...
Egle Segzdaite May 9,2018


"Mine” your hidden dollars with Minex365 and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)!
Egle Segzdaite March 6,2018

Future of Asset Management

As a capital-intensive business, you need to ensure your assets are performing optimally, and that any issues are rapidly resolved, around the ...
Egle Segzdaite February 15,2018

Checklists in the Next Dynaway EAM Release

In the coming May 1 release of Dynaway EAM and Mobile Client for Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition, updates ...
Egle Segzdaite February 12,2018

Join Dynaway in Dublin!

  Join Dynaway at Summit EMEA 24-26 April 2018. This conference is ...
Egle Segzdaite February 8,2018

The features you find in Dynaway EAM

  With the EAM module from Dynaway we give you the power to focus on what is at the heart of Enterprise Asset ...
Egle Segzdaite February 7,2018
EAM, Manufacturing

Why modern manufacturing organizations use Enterprise Asset Management?

  Maintenance management is all about optimizing maintenance processes to reduce downtime and overall maintenance costs. The EAM ...
Egle Segzdaite January 30,2018

New Release of Dynaway EAM for Microsoft Dynamics® 365 for Finance and Operations

 Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management and Mobile Client have been updated to the ...
Egle Segzdaite January 29,2018

Dynaway EAM Is Icing on the Cake

  We are happy to announce a new customer in the Food & Beverage industry. In Spain, the largest national provider of cream, ...
Egle Segzdaite January 24,2018
Food & Beverage

Kent Corporation Testimonial

Kent Corporation – a leading food and feed manufacturer is a diversified, family owned corporation with operating subsidiaries involved in corn ...
Egle Segzdaite January 18,2018

EAM Deployment Scenarios

  Wondering what is the difference between different EAM solution deployment scenarios?  Below you can find brief ...
Egle Segzdaite January 9,2018
Food & Beverage

Rich Products Testimonial

Learn how the Dynaway EAM solution facilitates the reduction of downtime as well as a substantial increase in efficiency of administrative ...
Egle Segzdaite January 4,2018

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Dynaway team! We are sending our best wishes and may this New Year bring you joy and laughter…
Egle Segzdaite December 25,2017

Why Dynaway?

Dynaway EAM offers you Advanced Cost Control Corrective Maintenance Condition Based ...
Egle Segzdaite December 13,2017

Tour Down Under

In November, our colleagues, Brian and Thomas, went on a two-week trip to Australia to attend meetings and roundtable sessions, presenting and ...
Egle Segzdaite December 11,2017

New Partner in US!

Dynaway has a new partner in US: Strategic Industry Solutions (SIS). SIS is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner providing and implementing financial and operational software for ...
Egle Segzdaite December 8,2017

Integration Points

    The Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management solution is BUILT-IN, not bolted on! We provide full integration ...
Egle Segzdaite November 27,2017

Spare parts

The Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management system allows users to track spare parts on objects and object BOMs, which means you can follow item ...
Egle Segzdaite November 24,2017

Dynaway EAM User group

From now on Dynaway EAM has its own user group on LinkedIn!  The Group is dedicated exclusively for Dynaway EAM users and is meant to bring them together, share news and ...
Egle Segzdaite November 22,2017

Dynaway in Sydney

Yesterday our Vice President of Sales
Egle Segzdaite November 16,2017

Planning board module

In the mobile solution for Dynaway Enterprise Asset Management, the Planning board module is used for planning unscheduled work order lines on ...
Egle Segzdaite November 1,2017

We are happy to announce a new customer in US!

Mennel Milling has been milling wheat into flour since 1886. Mennel is proud of their product quality and reputation on the industry. Their ...
Egle Segzdaite October 27,2017

Advanced Cost Control

  In Dynaway EAM, costs including work hours, spare parts, and other related costs are tracked and time-stamped on all assets, ...
Egle Segzdaite October 18,2017

Mobile work order execution

  The Mobile EAM Client is a comprehensive offline capable client that supports a wide variety of processes related to work order ...
Egle Segzdaite October 16,2017

Dynaway in AXUG Summit Nashville!

We have been waiting for the Summit for so long and finally it's here! Yesterday our Partner Solution Showcase on Plant Maintenance and IoT in ...
Egle Segzdaite October 12,2017

Enterprise Asset Management Benefits

Cost effective maintenance processes Today, production sites are heavily ...
Egle Segzdaite October 9,2017

Dynaway is coming to Australia!

Egle Segzdaite October 4,2017

The Mobile Client

The mobile EAM client is a comprehensive offline capable client that supports a very wide variety of processes related to work order execution. ...
Egle Segzdaite October 2,2017

Why Enterprise Asset Management?

Increased Automation A systematic approach to the advanced production equipment is a requirement; ...
Egle Segzdaite September 28,2017

Trends of Industry

From driver-less cars to robotic workers, the future is going to be here before you know it. Many emerging technologies you hear about today ...
Egle Segzdaite September 26,2017

Kanban board

In Dynaway EAM, the Kanban board is used for handling and completing work orders within teams on the Mobile Client. For example, your company ...
Egle Segzdaite September 18,2017

Value of preventive maintenance

We understand how important it is to conduct preventive maintenance, do you? An informative article from JLL about Value of Preventive ...
Egle Segzdaite September 14,2017


Dynaway EAM solution is integrated directly into Microsoft Dynamics with a seamless integration to finance, inventory, procurement, ...
Egle Segzdaite September 12,2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner Mini Case Study

  “The unique combination of Dynaway EAM, Dynamics 365 for Operations, and Microsoft Azure allows our customers to ...
Egle Segzdaite September 6,2017

Dynaway has a new customer in Georgia!

Our Vice President of sales Brian and Senior Consultant Thomas visited a customer in Georgia a few months ago. Despite the fact that the ...
Egle Segzdaite August 28,2017

New Module - Service Portal

 The new 
Egle Segzdaite August 18,2017

Knowledge share session with Dynaway!

Dynaway is planning knowledge share session right before AXUG summit in Nashville. The intention of this little event is to help you make the ...
Egle Segzdaite August 16,2017


 Corrective Maintenance: Corrective maintenance is carried out after failure detection and is aimed ...
Egle Segzdaite August 14,2017

EAM Software

"Good maintenance management improves many of the financial measures of a business and the stock price. Maintenance departments ...
Egle Segzdaite July 14,2017

Dynaway - Microsoft partner!

"Dynaway has more than 15 years of experience developing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems. Since the first versions of ...
Egle Segzdaite July 14,2017

Join Dynaway in Nashville!

Dynaway would like to invite you as a Dynaway EAM user to participate in a knowledge share session in Summit Nashville!
Egle Segzdaite June 21,2017