Advanced Cost Control


In Dynaway EAM, costs including work hours, spare parts, and other related costs are tracked and time-stamped on all assets, providing a complete overview of the Total Cost of Assets (TCA). The TCA overview is available at the lowest component level as well as site, production line, and machine level.

The Dynaway EAM module allows you to easily analyze your maintenance costs and make fact-based decisions for improved maintenance processes:

  • Are corrective maintenance costs increasing?
  • Should you improve your preventive maintenance efforts?
  • Are certain assets so expensive in regard to maintenance that they should be retired?
  • What is the cost of production stops?
  • What are the primary reasons for production stops?

With Dynaway EAM, downtime registrations can be systematically analyzed, including related costs. Those figures are key components in continuously improving maintenance management in your organization.



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